Can a tenant and landlord ever be truly happy?

This isn’t la la land. It’s Lofti.

Landlord & tenant relationship.

A marriage made in heaven?

Landlord unreachable? Tenant not replying? Say they will get back and never do? Broken promises? Sound familiar?

We feel your pain. We’re here to ease it with Lofti.

Paying 12-18% management fees? Lower quality despite high fees? Difficult to sort out maintenance issues? Struggling to make numbers work when so many costs involved?

Lofti has all the answers.

Landlord & tenant relationship app
Property managament app mobile

One app.

A million less headaches.

No more asking tenants to travel just to sign a contract. No more long telephone calls with contractors and tenants when resolving issues.

Keep all personal data in one central secure place. Have all paperwork in one place, not everywhere.

Get the real property management costs. Eliminate guesswork. Get the facts.

Property management app dekstop

Managing your property.

Let Lofti do the heavy lifting.

Tenant reference reports, signing tenancy agreements, receiving and following up on maintenance requests, monthly payments and bills.

All sorted and much more with a tap. Our new app makes property management, much more manageable.

Property management reporting, streamlined. Portfolio overview? Sorted.

Managing your property app

The Lofti App - Property Management 2.0

Making light work of paperwork

Surveys, certificates, licenses, inventories. You name it. Lofti can handle it.

In the Lofti app, all documents are sorted and organised for you to access, review, and sign easily. No stress, 24/7, 365 and no more counting to ten.

Device Property Documents
Device Property Documents
Device Maintenance Mobile

Maintenance? Lofti fixes it.

It’s annoying waiting to get a boiler repaired. It’s 11pm on a Saturday night and you need a plumber right now.

People don’t turn up when they said they would; plus you end up with a nasty bill. We’ve all been there.

So we didn’t just repair the system. We changed it.

Raise an issue in the app and a home care professional will sort it out. Follow progress with a live update, pay a sensible price and everything will be handled by us.

Device Maintenance Desktop

The Lofti app has brains. But it also has a heart.

Whether landlord, tenant or home care professional, it’s easy to get in touch and stay connected with the Lofti community.

It’s a great forum to discuss problems, get advice from people like yourself or receive regulatory updates from pros. Perhaps you want to engage with the broader Lofti community and build an organic marketplace to serve community needs. Not a problem.

All this and more in a caring and trustworthy community. All under one roof.

Device One Home Mobile
Device One Home Desktop
Device Property

Property dashboard. Putting you in the driving seat.

All your data. All in one place.

Get insights, see trends, establish costs. Don’t just think you know how your properties are performing, know you know.

Start making informed business decisions the way professional investors do.

Device Property

We’ve got your back, so you can stay in front.

Our Lofti support team are right behind you every step of the way.

We may be big on automation and data optimisation, but we realise it’s the small things that count like answering the phone and sorting stuff pretty pronto.

Our customer care team stop at nothing to iron out any issues.

Device Support
Device Support

iOS, Android and Web apps coming this summer

A Team Who Care What You Care

Home sweet home

Our mission is to create a community where landlords, homeowners and tenants receive superior home services. Where mobile technology can address all their home related needs hassle-free and seamlessly. Where communities are made up of partners, not built of customers.

See how the Lofti journey to sweet home started here.

Our people



Manage your own home hassle-free


  • Receive insightful property content

  • 24/7 access to home care professionals

  • In-app maintenance ticketing and tracking

  • Receive/Pay bills and costs

  • Lofti customer service


Manage properties easily and seamlessly

7% of rent incl. VAT 2

  • Tenant onboarding (referencing, checks, viewings, ASTs)

  • Collect deposit/rent

  • In-app maintenance ticketing and tracking

  • In-app communication

  • Receive/Pay bills and costs

  • Dashboards (financial information)

  • 24/7 access to our home care professionals

  • Lofti customer service


For agencies and property managers to scale up business fast and effortlessly

£4.99 per user, per month3

  • Software as a Service model

  • Access to backoffice functionalities

  • Landlord plan included

  • Dedicated business customer service

Join the Lofti Community of Happy Landlords and Tenants

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