How to go through tenant referencing process?

by | Sep 26, 2022

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How to go through Lofti tenant referencing?

When your landlord or agent onboards you on our system they have the choice to make you go through the tenant referencing process. If they choose to do so, then you will enter the following process:

  1. Invitation & account creation
  2. Submit information & documents
  3. Review of your application
  4. Result of your application


Invitation & account creation

When your landlord or agent requests that you go through the tenant referencing process (link to tenant referencing article on the website). You receive an invite email as follow:

Lofti tenant referencing how to

You just need to hit the “Start now” button and you will be redirected to a page to set up your password.

Login to Lofti software

IMPORTANT: the password you choose at this stage will be the password to connect to your account in the future, don’t forget it. Otherwise you will have to reset it.

Submit information & documents

Once your password is set up, you land on a page with your application for the property. Just click on it to launch your tenant referencing application.

tenant referencing - Lofti

You are now in the referencing flow. You will have to provide all the information in order for us to complete the referencing process. If you don’t have all the documents, it is not a problem, if our team needs a specific document they will reach out to you from the following email address: reference@lofti.co

Personal information login

Review of your application

Once you have submitted all your documents & information we review them and make sure that they are in line with the current rules & regulations. We might need you to submit documents again if we think that they have expired or if something prevents us from assessing them (blur, scan issues etc.).

In a resubmission request case, you will receive the following email

Application documents resubmission

Just follow the link in the email to submit a new document. It will point you toward this:

Lofti proof documents

Resubmit the document and we are good to go.


Add/Remove documents

At anytime you have the ability to add or remove a document to your application. To do so, first, log into your account and click on your application


Once you are here you simply need to click on “View” proof documents to add or remove a document. 

Please note that you are able to edit the information you have submitted the exact same way by clicking the “View” button on the section “Personal information”



Result of your application

As soon as our reference team has completed the reference checks you will receive an email notification on the results. From there your agent takes the lead and moves forward in the onboarding process.