About us

What makes Lofti, Lofti?

Lofti is a data-driven tech platform with a real estate focus. We are the first to create a true ecosystem of property participants – landlords, agents, tenants, homeowners and contractors (property developers and lenders to come). Lofti is designed to improve the way people live, rent, let out and maintain their most precious asset, their property.

Our values

  • We start with our customers. But given the range of people we work with, we prefer to call them members. Members are at the heart of everything we do.
  • We believe in openness and transparency to increase efficiency. We want to transform the current state of broken relationships into long-term win-win collaborations.
  • We use technology to facilitate communications, accountability and help reduce people’s workload, so they can focus on profits, not paperwork.
  • We believe transparency is the path to happiness.
  • We enable technology to help us all.

How it all started

Lofti started with a simple aim: to empower tenants in flat sharing accommodation to be open and transparent about their likes and dislikes and have a voice in the property management process. This new renting approach with tenant input soon reached a wider audience in London. By bringing together operators, landlords and tenants, real solutions could be found to common problems. Lofti was founded and an expert team built a platform that solves the needs of the whole property ecosystem.

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