Data Protection

How is my data stored?

Your data is stored on Lofti’s servers, provided by Heroku in the common EU region runtime (Heroku employs Amazon Web Services). Data is encrypted at rest. Some information may be cached on your local device. Your uploaded documents are stored in Google Cloud Platform’s storage, also encrypted at rest.

Where is my data stored?

Your data is stored in the cloud. Lofti uses co-located servers provided by Salesforce Heroku, which in turn employs Amazon Web Services, the most powerful cloud services today. It is also the world’s largest global cloud infrastructure, delivering a customer promise of 99.99% durability. Lofti also employs Google Cloud Platform’s Multi-region storage service for documents, which guarantees 100% data durability and 99.95% average monthly uptime.

How often does Lofti back up my data?

We employ Heroku’s continuous physical backup, and also employ scheduled (daily) logical backups of the database.

Data recovery

In the advent of Lofti going offline our recovery time is as follows

  • 1 hour database recovery
  • up to 3 hours system rebuild + database recovery for core systems to operational standards
  • up to 12 hours for remaining secondary (not vital) systems

Can I back up my own data?

Self-service data backup is in our roadmap; however, it is not yet available for end-users. Data that can be backed up (in csv format) includes property, unit, tenancy, tenant, landlord, contractor, inventory, contract and document information. For the time being, end-users may contact Lofti to request a backup of their data.

When will Lofti access my data?

Lofti will not directly access your data. Examples of when a member of the Lofti team may have to gain access to your account’s information include investigating and fixing an issue, finalizing a third-party provider integration (e.g., Xero) and providing assistance with specific usage scenarios. In these scenarios, a Lofti agent will be walking through the end-user and will not gain direct access to their account.

What does Lofti do with my data?

We do not provide personal or non-personal data to third parties other than those named in our Privacy Policy( We value your information as much as you do, our policy ensures we are committed to the protection of your data. On occasion, Lofti may use anonymized customer data for internal auditing and reporting.

What happens to the data on my account if I leave Lofti?

Lofti will remove all data from the system on receipt of a written request from the main contact of the property manager account. This is due to requirements within the GDPR. If you do not request your data to be removed, Lofti shall retain the information for five (5) years before deleting it.

Last updated: April 2024