7 notice to end tenancy letter templates to download for free

In this article, you will be able to download a range of notice to quit tenancy examples so if you are a landlord, or tenant looking to move on from your agreement, you should be able to find a good fit in this article.

What is a landlord notice to end tenancy letter?

A landlord notice to end tenancy is a formal letter issued by a landlord or property manager in the UK to notify a tenant that their rental agreement or tenancy will not be continued or will be terminated. The details of this notice can differ based on the type of tenancy, the reasons for termination, and the legal regulations in place.

The letter typically includes certain crucial details similar to that on a forfeiture of a lease (for commercial property). These are: the date of the notice, the address of the rental property, the reason for ending the tenancy (if required), the date by which the tenant is expected to vacate the property, and any other information required by law or specified in the rental agreement.

In the UK, the most common forms of eviction notices are Section 21 and Section 8 notices. 

Download section 21 eviction notice

Section 8 form

Download section 8 eviction notice

Section 21 form

A Section 21 notice, also referred to as a ‘no-fault eviction’, can be used to terminate an assured shorthold tenancy. For this type of notice, the landlord isn’t required to state a reason for the termination. However, there are specific rules for issuing a Section 21 notice, including providing at least 2 months’ notice.

This is where the ‘60 day’ notices are useful that you can download below, however, if the notice is related to a section 8 (applicable when the tenant has violated the terms of the tenancy). The notice might be shorter.

It’s crucial for landlords to seek legal advice before terminating a tenancy to ensure they adhere to all relevant laws and regulations and if you are a landlord or a tenant it is vital you fill in all the necessary information on the template you download.

Simple 60-day notice to quit template for landlords 

This template is less detailed and it a ’60-Day Notice to End Tenancy’ letter suited for landlords who need to inform their tenants of a tenancy termination.

Ideal for sending by email, it not only specifies a clear 60-day notice period but also covers aspects like mail forwarding, the return of the security deposit, property inspection, and the settlement of utilities.

The placeholders available allow you to customize it with your personal details.

The thoughtful inclusion of potential queries and contact details offers tenants ample support during the transition period.

This template, therefore, ensures that landlords are able to deliver a clear, respectful, and legally sound notice to their tenants while maintaining open lines of communication throughout the process.

60 day notice to end tenancy

Notice to end tenancy for tenants

This agreement is perfect for tenants who want to move out and end their tenancy. There are quite a few sentences that need to be replaced that are listed in both. But, once you have done this, you should be covered and ready to submit your notice to your landlord.

Notice to end tenancy for landlords view

Notice to end tenancy for tenants

This succint document is designed for tenants seeking an efficient method of conveying their intent to end their tenancy.

The property address, the concluding date of the tenancy, and the details surrounding the return of the security deposit are all within the agreement.

Unlike more extensive templates, this notice stands out for its clarity and directness, making it an ideal choice for individuals who value straightforward, time-efficient communication.

The template is perfectly adapted for email correspondence, offering an organised approach to a potentially complex process.

Once downloaded, the template can be easily customised using any standard PDF editor and it ensures all contractual obligations are addressed.

notice to quit tenancy simple view

Short notice to end tenancy letter for tenants

This template is a concise ‘Notice to End Lease and Tenancy’ letter, ideal for tenants who want to communicate their intent to terminate their lease in a simple and straightforward manner.

Designed to be sent via email, it succinctly covers all the necessary points: the date, landlord or property manager’s details, the property address, and the specified date of moving out.

It encourages prompt communication, asking the recipient to reach out with any questions. You can effortlessly customize the bold sections of the letter with your information using a PDF editor after downloading.

This template offers tenants a hassle-free, professional way to end their tenancy while opening a clear line of communication with their landlord or property manager.

notice to end tenancy example

60 day notice to end tenancy letter for landlords

This template is a comprehensive ‘Notice to End Tenancy’ letter designed for tenants who want to professionally communicate their intent to terminate their lease to their landlord.

It’s ideal for tenants wishing to deliver their notice electronically, ensuring a written record of communication. The template provides clear placeholders for necessary details including date, landlord’s name, notice period, property condition, and deposit return specifics.

Additionally, it addresses important elements such as potential deposit deductions and the possibility of involving a tenancy deposit protection service if necessary, ensuring your rights are properly covered.

After downloading, you can easily fill in your personal details using a PDF editor. This well-crafted letter makes it simple to comply with all requirements for ending a tenancy, and facilitates a smooth transition for both parties involved.

notice to end tenancy letter

Simple notice to end tenancy for landlords

This template provides a comprehensive guide for landlords who need to notify their tenants of the termination of their tenancy, in line with Section 21 or Section 8 regulations of the tenancy agreement.

The form clearly stipulates where to enter specific details such as the notice date, tenant’s address, landlord’s address, and the date of vacating.

It offers added convenience by including links to important information for a better understanding of Sections 21 and 8 of the eviction process.

The user-friendly design requires you to fill in the blanks, which can be quickly achieved using a PDF editor after downloading the template. It’s an ideal choice for landlords aiming for an efficient, legally compliant way to end their tenancy.

Notice to end tenancy example 6

Professional notice to end tenancy for tenants

This agreement is perfect for tenants who wish to send their notice to their landlord by email. You will have to take away the bold lettering from the notice and ill this out yourself which can be easily done after you download the template with a pdf editor.

notice to end tenancy email


How do I write a notice to end a tenancy UK?

In order to write a notice to end a tenancy, make sure you give a tenant if you are a landlord or a landlord if you are a tenant the correct notice period. It can be as simple or as complex as any of the examples above

How much notice do I have to give a private landlord?

You have to give at least one months notice to private landlords in order to leave a property but you can only do this if you are outside of a fixed term of a tenancy agreement

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