How lofti Works

The below videos guide you through how lofti works so you can use our software with ease. No matter if you’re a landlord or agent, this video series is all you need to begin using the platform.

Uploading a property to lofti

The first stage of managing your property using lofti is uploading it to the lofti software. Learn how in this video 

Add marketing information to listings

In order to add information on how you are marketing a property, watch this tutorial 

Adding ownership details to property

For every property there is a landlord who owns it. Add the ownership details to a property listing using these simple steps

Add letting information and calculating rent

If you’re looking to add in letting information such as the rental amount to a property, watch this video to learn more

Add property contracts to your tenancies using this video

Property contracts can be added into lofti. This video guides you through the process

Add a company’s important information and bank accounts

All settings of a company can be added on this section of the site on lofti. Find a compnay’s information and input it into the software using this tutorial

Onboard tenants to lofti

Add all information to do with tenants to the lofti dashboard and add the property associated with that tenant

Add a deposit and finalise referencing 

Using Signable, lofti generates a document for the tenant using the information you have inputted earlier. Generate information for a property viewing in this step too

Onboard tenants to the referencing stage

Here, learn how to configure all of the information to do with the tenancy including the rental details and finalise onboarding of the tenant

Add tenants to the move in stage

Once a tenant is ready to move in and they have passed referencing, use this video to add the tenant to the property dashboard

Dealing with and reporting maintenance issues on lofti

Take a look at the three ways to report a maintenance issue on lofti. This video guides you through this crucial part of property management

Renew a lofti tenancy

This video goes over how to renew a tenancy using lofti

Ending a tenancy in lofti

When a tenancy comes to an end, you may want to manually end a tenancy. In this video we go over an example of how a tenancy comes to an end on lofti

"Lofti has literally given me my life back. Having spent hours managing my tenants on spreadsheets, trying to keep up with rental payments, maintenance and tenant (often unreasonable!) requests. Lofti has taken that nightmare (thankfully) away so I can more time looking for more properties."

– Andreas Voniatis

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