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An outlook on houses for rent and sale on Rightmove in Stoke On Trent

by | Jul 6, 2023

Home $ An overview on Rightmove property listings in the UK $ An outlook on houses for rent and sale on Rightmove in Stoke On Trent

Deciding on the right property to purchase in the UK is a big deal. The decision to rent and where to rent is also a huge decision too. This article goes over the Rightmove data related to Stoke On Trent and analyses just how good of an area it is to find somewhere to buy or to rent.
By the end of the article, you should be able to make an informed decision and pick from the list of properties to rent or the 26 number of properties that are sold.

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According to Rightmove data from Stoke On Trent, what properties are renting?

Concerning Rightmove, what is the education level like in Stoke On Trent?

Within the city of Stoke On Trent, the population amounts to 63609 individuals. Among these residents, it is notable that approximately 14% hold a higher-level educational degree. Furthermore, the average household income in the area stands at £40,400.00. For renters, it is essential to recognize that if the percentage of degree holders surpasses the regional average of 22.6%, your neighbours are likely to have higher incomes. Although other factors influence neighbour quality, acknowledging educational achievements proves beneficial.

To rent a property, the below subheadings go over everything relevant for those looking to rent out a house.

What is the outlook for social rent and affordable housing according to Rightmove in Stoke On Trent?

If you’re considering renting a property instead of buying, affordable options can be limited. According to Rightmove data, 18% of individuals in Stoke On Trent rent from the government or housing associations compared to the national average of 20.7%.
In general, if the percentage of people who have government housing is below the national average, you are more likely to see smaller houses. This may not be a bad thing as it all depends on personal preference and there are also other factors that contribute to the general feel of the area like household income which is £40,400.00. Most people in the Uk earn around £34,000 which is convenient for comparison.

A list of properties for Sale in Stoke On Trent on Rightmove

Investment analysis of Rightmove property in Stoke On Trent

In the area of Stoke On Trent, Rightmove records consistent sales of 26 properties each month, generating an average yearly turnover of 1.05. This turnover is just from property sales relative to the properties that there already are and 4% is the population change over ten years.

All of these pieces of data should be looked at as a whole and considered based on what you are looking for as an investor. For example, if an area’s population is declining and their turnover is above average (22%), it could indicate that there are a large number of people moving out of the area.

Sometimes, you aren’t able to find the right property in your area on Rightmove. So, check out if you want to keep looking in your wider UK region of West Midlands by looking at further houses for sale here.

Is it important to look at yield in Stoke On Trent in further detail?

Stoke On Trent averages at £0 for rental yield and this should be looked at in comparison with the average for the UK which tends to fluctuate around 4.4%. Having said this, rental yields can drop as low as 1% in the central areas of London and rise to as high as 9% in areas with high rental demand such as Stoke.
Yield, which is £0 in Stoke On Trent, is worked out by dividing the net rental income of a property by the purchase price.

Every month, properties are sold on the platform of Rightmove in Stoke On Trent and you can explore the topics below related to sales that give you an overview of the market.

In the area, using Rightmove data, what are most people selling their property for?

By looking at the below table taken from Rightmove data, you can gain great insights into the property market of Stoke On Trent. With an overall sold price of approximately £121,156, according to Rightmove and further listing platforms such as Zoopla, buyers can now make an informed decision as to whether this suits their budget.

Class of property Average sale
Flat £78,418
Terraced house £87,503
Semi-detached house £128,687
detached house £189,164

From Stoke On Trent’s Rightmove data, what are the number of planning permission applications?

Applying for planning permission in Stoke On Trent is something landlords tend to do if they want to add some value to their home. As of this month, there were 5 planning applications out of the 8,000 that roughly occur every month nationally. In order to further understand this figure, compare how large the population of the area is to this figure too.
The planning success rate of these applications is nan and the higher this is and the greater it is above the average success of 82%, the more likely it is that landlords are conducting easy renovations. This may therefore indicate that if you are looking to invest in property yourself in Stoke On Trent too, there is a decent amount of opportunity to buy, renovate and make a profit.

How Rightmove listings in Stoke On Trent help you make an investment

In Stoke On Trent, the average asking rent in the area is £616 and there is a table below that goes over the asking rent for every type of property there is. Also, in Stoke On Trent, the average yield of properties is £0. A figure that can be used as a metric to gauge how profitable an investment is and compared to the national average of 4.4%.
See the table for a more extensive breakdown of how average asking rent is distributed.

Number of bedrooms Average asking rent
5 no relevant data for this city
4 no relevant data for this city
3 £659
2 no relevant data for this city
1 ST1

According to Rightmove data in Stoke On Trent, is it worth moving into a HMO?

Currently, the number of licensed HMOs stands at nan that come at an average price to rent of no relevant data for this city. You can also see the difference between the price of a standard HMO room and the average price of a HMO room with an ensuite which is £417.
This should give you an indication if it is worth the difference in price to upgrade to a room with a bathroom in Stoke On Trent. Understanding where is best to rent in Stoke On Trent involves considering the average asking price for a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) and comparing this to normal rents.

By analysing Rightmove in Stoke On Trent, is there a lot of green, outdoor space?

In Stoke On Trent, the available data reveals that there are 23.8 acres of green space per thousand residents. By comparing this value to the recommended standard of 6, we can gauge the presence of green space in the area using statistics found on listing portals such as Rightmove.
Adequate green space is a valuable asset for all individuals as it has a huge impact on the mental and physical health of residents. Unfortunately, it is often compromised in numerous locations. For instance, in urban settings, the quantity of green space frequently falls short of the recommended measure of 6 acres of green space for every thousand individuals.

What questions are asked most frequently?

Discover the mean property value in Stoke On Trent as reported on Rightmove.

The average property price for the UK currently stands at £286,000. In the local area of Stoke On Trent, the average price of a house for sale in the area is £121,156

Are there any undisclosed expenses associated with property searches on Rightmove within Stoke On Trent?

Vigilance is key for landlords, encompassing factors like the stamp duty rate, renovation expenses, and the potential deductible costs based on whether the property is incorporated as a limited company or under your personal name.

Based on Rightmove’s information, what’s the level of criminal activity in the Stoke On Trent area?

The ongoing crime rate in Stoke On Trent indicates 16450% instances for every 1000 citizens.

What are the house sales per month in Stoke On Trent?

To evaluate what listing portals like Rightmove would infer about the amount of properties that are being sold, consider that 26 properties are being sold every month.

What’s the usual price range for a three-bedroom property on Rightmove in Stoke On Trent?

For properties encompassing three bedrooms, the typical asking price hovers around £659. This can be contrasted with the mean property valuations.

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