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What are the best estate agents in the UK?

by | Nov 22, 2022

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Finding the best estate agents in the UK is a hard task for those looking to buy or sell a property. Find out here if there is an estate agent that suits you. 

What is an online estate agent?

An online estate agent is a company that lists properties for sale, rent or management entirely online. Not all estate agencies based online have to visit the house they are listing in person and the buyers or potential renters of a property can easily access the information they need about the property digitally. This is what makes online estate agents most appealing.

Nowadays, even if an estate agent is located just in a local area they wouldn’t consider themself a local estate agent, most of the time they would still have a website as having an online presence is important.

How do online estate agents work?

In order to list a house at an online estate agency, you would have to get professional photos taken and list them on the website. This can be done by the staff that work with the estate agency or it can be done by the owner of the house.

The property would then be listed on the platform based on whether the property should be listed for sale or rent and then people will be able to ring the online estate agency and make offers straight away, ask questions and most importantly book viewings.

After the viewings have been done on a property this is when offers are typically made and the buyer either buys the house or a tenant is able to move in.

What is the difference between online vs high street estate agents

High street estate agents are better for those who want to solely focus on the properties in their local area. This is because the estate agents who operate locally are better versed in knowing the local area and having an extensive network in the area.

This means a buyer or a renter who wants to rent would be able to gain a better understanding and a perhaps more personal experience of the area before making a decision. And a landlord would be able to find customers that are local to their property.

However, most high street estate agents are also online anyway and also in competition with larger, national estate agents too. So using a mix of offline and online sources would be a good idea.

Top 11 property estate agents in London

To help you make a decision, here are the best estate agents in London with their contact details so you can get a property sold, rented or potentially move into a property too if that’s what you’re looking for.


Cozee properties specialise in finding properties for international investors with a focus on the Chinese market. They also help the everyday investor find a property they want and list it for sale or rent.

From tailored marketing to helping market material reach the Asian market in the most optimal way to helping investors buy and also finance properties in London, Cozee properties are specialists in connecting the Asian market to UK property. Find their contact information in the below table.

Cozee Properties
Street 60 Grays Inn road
Email hello@cozee.properties
Phone 07539036912
Website https://cozee.properties
Instagram @cozeeproperties


Yopa calls themselves award-winning estate agents. They have introduced new schemes to the estate agency world such as pay later which saves users money who list on the platform. Only charging them after a sale is made.

In addition, the Yopa platform has viewing feedback built into the service so you can know how the property you have listed on the platform is performing. This lets you know what the property is doing in terms of sales and if people are actually interested.

Address Hatters Lane, Watford, WD18 8YF
Email hello@yopa.co.uk
Phone 0330 808 7966
Website www.yopa.co.uk
Social media IG @yopa_property
Trustpilot Review 4.7/5 stars

Ludlow Thompson

The main selling point of Ludlow Thompson is they claim to be able to give a free property valuation in just 60 seconds. Priding themself in fast communication and performance.

Something unique about the business is they have 75% of their property viewings are outside of traditional 9 – 5 hours. This allows more people to be able to view the property when it is most convenient for them.

Ludlow Thompson
Address 3 – 5 Dock Street, London, E1 8JN
Email customerservices@ludlowthompson.com
Phone 020 7480 0120
Website www.ludlowthompson.com
Social media IG @ludlowthompson
Trustpilot Review 4.6/5 stars

Streets Ahead

Streets Ahead ask a property owner who wants to sell or rent their property to take either the instant evaluation route which will give an automatic valuation based on software or it will ask you to get a review from an expert. After this, your property is listed to the public.

The company also provides some other services such as a property income report and a services to conduct EPC ratings and property maintenance through their website.

Streets Ahead Estate Agents
Address 129-221 Lower Addiscombe Road, London, CR0 6RB
Email crystalpalace@streetsahead.info
Phone 020 8655 1300
Website www.streetsahead.info
Social media IG @streetsaheadestateagents
Trustpilot Review 4.6/5 stars

Kerr and Co Residential

Kerr and Co are a diversified company that offers the option for property management, sales, valuation and lettings. The company pride themself in being a family-run estate agent from West London.

They use their local knowledge and dedication towards customer service to become one of the most well-known estate agencies in West London at the moment.

Kerr and Co Residential
Address 77 Goldhawk Road, London, W12 8EH
Email hello@kerrandco.info
Phone 020 8743 1166
Website www.kerrandco.com
Social media IG @kerrandco
Trustpilot Review 4.3/5 stars

Base Property Specialists Ltd

Located in Shoreditch, this award-winning company focuses on providing the most customer-oriented services in the capital. So whether you are looking to buy, sell or rent, Base Property Specialists Ltd are available in the Shoreditch area to take care of your property needs.

Base Property Specialists
Address 3 Garden Walk, London, EC2A 3EQ
Email (Contact form on website)
Phone 020 7033 1901
Website www.baseps.co.uk
Social media TWTR: @baseproperty
Trustpilot Review 4.5/5 stars

Douglas & Gordon

Douglas and Gordan are more than just an estate agent with a range of services on offer. They have a corporate and Relocation series for those looking to move office space. As well as advice online for homebuyers such as performing credit checks. They also have a new home category and a category for mortgages for those looking for advice on those topics.

On top of this, the company also offers property management. So not only will they help you list your property, but they will also help provide tenants for it and manage those tenants and the issues surrounding the property so you can focus on other things as a landlord.

Douglas and Gordon
Address 656 Fulham Road, London, SW6 5RX
Email contact@dng.co.uk
Phone 020 7963 4600
Website www.douglasandgordon.com
Social media IG: @douglasandgordon
Trustpilot Review 4.8/5 stars

Paramount Properties

Paramount Properties are experts in letting properties. Check out their website here for a letting and renting guide available for free from their letting agents.

In addition, they have a range of experts who all specialise in different areas of the UK that will help sell your property and also let it out. You can also find services that give you a free valuation for a property on their website.

Paramount Properties
Address 656 Fulham Road, London, SW6 5RX
Email (contact form on website)
Phone 020 7372 0202
Website www.paramount-properties.co.uk
Social media IG: @paramountldn
Trustpilot Review 4.6/5 stars

Remax London

Remax London or RE/MAX are a group of property experts that claim to help you every step of the way. With a bunch of offices dotted all over London, it isn’t hard to find experts that can give you advice on the local area without paying their estate agents too much.

This is a great service to take advantage of if you are new to the area as a seller or a buyer. On top of this, the company has categories that specialise in the listing of new homes and also provide property management services. Ideal for the landlord who wants to outsource the management of a home, never having to deal with safety checks or property damage issues.

Remax London
Address 12 Pepper Street, London, E14 9RP
Email info@remax.co.uk
Phone 020 3910 8450
Website www.remax.co,uk
Social media IG: @remaxenglandandwales
Trustpilot Review 4.2/5 stars

London Kay & Marler & Marler

London Kay & Marler & Marler are managed by the Berkshire Hathaway group. Famous for being owned by the Billionaire Warren Buffett and being the UK branch of the billionaire’s real estate business. They help people find the perfect home if they are buying, letting or renting.

London Kay & Marler & Marler
Address 6 Sloane Street, London, SW1X 9LF
Email (contact form on the website)
Phone 020 3930 1570
Website www.bhhslondonproperties.com
Social media IG: @bhhslondon
Trustpilot Review 4.9/5 stars

Visiting their website will present you with a range of options to choose from, specialising in prime London properties that are above the average prices. So if you are looking for estate agents that specialise in luxury real estate, for both the commercial and residential market, London Kay and Marler and Marler is the way to go.

In conclusion

Finding the best estate agency can make your life a lot easier whether you are buying, selling or renting. This is because the process takes a lot of the work off of your hands and isn’t too expensive either.

Some estate agents also help manage the property once tenants are in there and will help you find the tenants too. However, if you want to make things even more simple, you can take this process away from a company and use software instead…

Below, you can host up to five active tenancies for completely free on the Lofti software without letting agent fees. This service is used by letting agents all over the UK. Don’t wait and gain access to the cutting-edge, time-saving service by signing up.

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