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How much does house clearance cost?

by | Feb 11, 2023

Home $ Property Management for landlords $ How much does house clearance cost?

House clearance can include getting rid of furniture appliances and even more extensive tasks like taking up the carpets in a property.

In this article, we’ll go over what exactly is the cost of doing all of this house clearance, what it involves and even what is involved in the clearance of a garage.

Most homeowners will have to go through this stage at some point and tenants must go through it as they clear a property to make way for a new tenancy agreement.

As a result, both landlords and tenants should know about the cost of house clearance and they should be made aware of who is responsible for this cost.

So, from how house clearance works to if you can make money on house clearance, in this article we will be going over how to to set this up

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What exactly is the cost of house clearance?

The cost of house clearance can vary between properties. Typically, a larger house with more rooms will cost a lot more to clear out, but this strictly depends on the scenario.

On average, the clearance of a house can cost around £500 on the low end but as low as £150 for a small move in a small property. It all depends on what kind of deal a property management company is able to find.

Factors affecting the cost of house clearance

The range of factors affecting the cost of a house clearance includes the size of the property. If a property is particularly large, more time and effort will simply be needed to clear it, resulting in a higher cost.

Also, the amount of furniture and items in the property impacts this cost. At the end of the day manual labour is required to move most furniture out of a property and it costs to pay people to work.

In addition, the overall condition of the property is another factor, finding hazardous materials such as asbestos or mould could increase the cost of clearing a property.

Getting rid of junk and paying for a skip removal or a trip to a recycling plant can all increase the cost of clearing a home too.

In addition, how accessible the property can impact the cost of clearing it. How this works is if the property is located on a floor that is higher up in the building and there isn’t easy access, additional manpower or specialist equipment could be needed.

Finally, the rates in the market could also impact how expensive house clearance services get. If there is a lot of demand at a certain time then the market could get competitive and a service provider could ask for higher clearing prices. 

Table showing the average cost of clearing household items

Item Average cost of clearance
Volume prices £80
Extra small clearance £175
Small clearance £260
Medium clearance £320
Large clearance
Additional Items
TVs £15
Pianos £100
Large fridges £95
Small fridges £50
Mattresses £20
Electrical items £5

If I only have a few large items to dispose of, what is the process and cost for this?

There are various companies around the UK that specialise in getting rid of large equipment from a property. So, doing a quick Google Search of this may result in the service you need.

Some companies will collect your items for free whereas others could even pay you a small amount for collecting your junk as they can make a profit selling it on either for materials or by repairing it and selling it as a usable item.

Other than this, there are also local government run disposal centres which are usually free. Having said this, you will need a vehicle or a lot of manpower to distribute that item to the centre so it will be hard for whoever is conducting property management to set this up.

Whatever you do, do not fly tip and leave large items such as sofas, white goods, mattresses or even a lot of garden waste outside a property or even on the street.

If you get caught, in some cases this could be a criminal offence which could lead to jail time and in other cases it could lead to a fine of up to £1,000 seen here.

Besides the criminal damage you would be doing, this is not a nice way to leave your neighbourhood and it could affect your neighbours and cause secondary problems such as pests including rats or foxes around where you live. 

What is included in a house clearance, and how does it work?

House clearance usually involves removing all of the furniture and contents outside of a premises by a property manager. This can occur as you sell a house and the ownership moves from one landlord to another.

Or it could occur as a tenancy comes to an end and the tenant is in an unfurnished house. this would result in them having to take all of their furniture and contents of the property with them.

Some items need to be disposed of in this process whereas others will be moved onto the new home of the tenants or the home over there by the person who sold the house.

This process is known as the sorting phase where you sort items into categories including buying lots of cardboard boxes and perhaps hiring a skip to get rid of materials they no longer want.

From here, the items that the person removing the contents will be removed using a transportation vehicle and items they don’t will be disposed of. Using a landfill or a recycling a center are common practices.

After a property has been removed and cleared of all of its contents, a deep cleaning needs to take place. especially if it is at the end of a tenancy agreement and the new tenant is going to be moving in soon.

A landlord could pin some of the responsibility to keep the house clean on the old tenant so they should do some of the cleaning himself. Nonetheless, there is some inevitable wear and tear that will take place throughout a tenancy.

This means a landlord carrying out an alternative will likely have to touch up some of the walls with paint, and perhaps replace on floorboards and this can get quite expensive if the tenant hasn’t taken good care of the property.

Having said this, if the damage left by a tenant is quite severe, the landlord may be able to keep the security deposit which they or a letting agent collected at the start of a tenancy

Property Clearance Company

 Can a person earn money from house clearance services?

The people who earn the most from house clearance services are house clearance agencies who are tasked with transferring items from a to b as people need a house.

It is possible for a landlord to make some profit from a house clearance service themself and a 10-in should be aware of this in the process.

If a landlord asks for a reasonable amount of money to help them move house, then this is an agreement a landlord and Tenant can come to but some landlords will take advantage of the situation and charge more than they need.

All in all, the business of making money from house clearance isn’t going anywhere as people are always moving houses and the ownership of homes are always changing hands.

So, if you are thinking of getting into the Business of house clearance services it could be a good bet to ensure a stable and evergreen income into the future. 

What is the typical cost of garage clearance?

Unlike house clearances, garage clearances found here, often cost less but this is still dependent on the individual situation. it could be that a garage has a lot of contents and needs a thorough clean where a house doesn’t have much furniture and needs a quick clean.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of clearing out a garage is that there is usually a lot larger space to manoeuvre items and load items away whether that be for disposal or for transportation into a new property.

The garage doors are wider and they are also often located with access to Alleyways and rods which allow easier access to the street.

When comparing this to clearing out a house, furniture often has to be dismantled in order for it to fit through doors and stairways so it can be removed from a property effectively 

What are the factors that impact the cost of garage clearance?

Similar factors apply to the cost of clearing a garage as they do to the cost of clearing a house. So, in the below paragraph, we will be talking about the costs that only apply to clearing a garage.

First of all, transportation of items or likely cost more per square foot of garage cleared if you were clearing a house. This is because a garage typically contains heavy items and are used as more of a storage facility rather than a living facility.

Typically, garage main food gets rid of large items such as heavy pieces of wood, garden equipment, outdoor furniture and even heavier items like barbecues and gas tanks for barbecuing in the summer.

What are the items that should be included on a garage clearance checklist?

To decide on how to clear a garage you first want to decide on what you are going to do with the space the starting point for a garage clearance process should go over what you want to achieve this will keep you motivated throughout the process and allow you to know what’s furniture you should buy that is for what furniture you should keep.

Some people would want to clear the garage completely, some would want to use it for storage, some would use it for a leisure facility Like a man cave and some would use it for a home gym.

Next, arrange labour or friends and family and try to move all of the items to help you get rid of all the contents of the home

a van that is paid to clear a house

To conclude

All in all, if the topic still confuses you, try to take some property management courses in order to make sure you’re selling with the rents of a property effectively and clearing the property in compliance with the law.

In addition, shop around to look for the best deals as the cost of clearing a property can vary greatly depending on the service you go with and where you’re able to cut costs


Is house clearance the responsibility of a landlord or a tenant?

House clearance is typically the responsibility of the tenant, especially when moving out of a rented property

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