A Team Who Care What You Care About

Andreas G.

Founder & CEO

🏠 Athens, Greece

Human instincts and numbers can co-exist.

Favourite thing about home: Reading biography books on a sunlounger at sunset. ☀️


Full Stack Developer

🏠 Limassol, Cyprus

Nature lover and tree hugger.

Favourite thing about home:
Enjoying quiet time looking at the backyard.


Solutions Architect Lead

🏠 Limassol, Cyprus

I and me are always too deep in conversation. Thankfully, I am blessed with a funny gene that makes me enjoy life.

Favourite thing about home: I can look ugly and enjoy it.

Anna Maria

QA Tester

🏠 Nicosia, Cyprus

Enjoy "finding" test scenarios/cases. Also, enjoy dancing and taking part in dancing lessons.

Favourite thing about home: Inviting friends and family for dinner.


iOS Developer

🏠 Venice, Italy

Nature lover & fitness enthusiast.

Favourite thing about home: Enjoying the sunsets at the beach close to home.

Christos K.

Senior Engineer

🏠 Kalliana, Cyprus

Provided with the right amount of coffee, can work miracles.

Can be quiet whenever you decide it to be.

Christos P.

QA Tester

🏠 Tseri, Cyprus

Lifelong learner. Film enthusiast and music lover.

Favourite thing about home:
The internet.


Software Engineering Lead

🏠 Nicosia, Cyprus

Love experiencing new things.

Favourite thing about home:
Enjoying an impromptu BBQ with friends and family.


Product Manager

🏠 Toulouse, France

Tech enthusiast with deep roots in the analog world.

Favourite thing about home:
Can't help inviting friends over to enjoy a freshly cooked Blanquette.


Growth Manager

🏠 Milan, Italy

Constant learner, startup and tech enthusiast.
"If you can measure it you can manage it"

Favourite thing about home:
Match days with friends and quality/cooking time with and for the family.


Mortgage and Insurance Specialist

🏠 London, UK

Big fan of cheese, coffee and George Michael.

Favourite thing about home:
Food markets!

Jenny S.

Head of Chinese Desk

🏠 Xi’an, China

Fashion design and socialising.

Favourite thing about home: Hot pot with friends around the table on Saturday evening.


Strategic Projects Lead

🏠 London, UK

Foodie and adventurer. Festival go-er and F1 and tennis fan.

Favourite thing about home:
Hosting dinners or catching up Netflix series.


Operations Manager

🏠 Nicosia, Cyprus

Ex-ski racer, nature lover. "Be the change you want to see in the world"

Favourite thing about home:
Barbeque with good friends and family.


iOS Developer

🏠 Sao Paulo, Brazil

Developer, animal lover.

Favourite thing about home: Long walk with the dog and an afternoon with friends.



🏠 London, UK

Civil engineer and amateur mountaineer, with a passion for good design.

Favourite thing about home: Friday night films and popcorn with the family.


Android Developer

🏠 Guadeloupe, French West Indies

Coder enthusiast, film lover.

Favourite thing about home:
You can eat Caribbean and French at the same time, while seating in a river or blue sky ocean pure water, after your work day.


Design & Product Lead

🏠 Xi’an, China

Design & film lover.
Tennis fan.

Favourite thing about home: Sunday brunch on the balcony with a good book.

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