by | May 22, 2023

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As part of our referencing process, we will need you to provide your current address, this is for us to verify your current living address and if renting for us to obtain a landlord reference. 

As part of our referencing process, we need to confirm your residential history through you providing your current address and then through the Experian Soft Credit Check we can build a picture of your residential history. 

You will also be asked if you have been renting during the last three years and if so to provide your current or most recent landlord or letting agent’s name, email and phone number.

This is for us to contact your landlord or letting agent and obtain a reference for your time at the previous property. If you have not been rented we will not contact your friends, family or short-term accommodation for a reference. 

If you have been renting and are not for any reason able to provide your landlord or letting agents details, then please attach your previous tenancy agreement and the last three months of bank statements, as proof rent has been paid consistently.