How to sign a booking form?

by | Sep 26, 2022

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How to sign a booking form?

At Lofti we believe in sharing the best practices in lettings and property management. Thus when it comes to your onboarding as a tenant in a property or unit we offer our client (your landlord or agent) to send you a booking form to make things right.


What is the booking form?

The booking form is a document stating what the tenancy might be if you go through the end of the onboarding process (meaning if you pass the tenant referencing and sign the tenancy agreement).

 When your agent or landlord uses the booking form through Lofti they will send you a document via an e-signature solution called Signable (see below).

sign a booking form

The above image is an example of the email template you will receive.

Once you have clicked on the link in the email you should be redirected to a document asking you for some details and signature.

Signable sign booking form

As soon as you sign it you will be asked by your agent or landlord to pay for the holding deposit amount in order to move to the next step: the tenant referencing (link to tenant referencing article)