How to report a maintenance issue

by | Sep 26, 2022

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How to report a maintenance issue

As a tenant using Lofti you are able to report maintenance issues to your landlord/agent in order to have them fixed swiftly. Our goal here is to simplify and make the process transparent.

To report an issue you can go here: 

Report the maintenance issue

As soon as you notice a maintenance problem we recommend you to report it quickly and to not wait. It would make the issue worse and your landlord/agent can blame you for not reporting it sooner.

To report a maintenance problem, please connect to your account (either on the mobile app or the web version).

Once connected, you can go to the maintenance section and start reporting the issue.

report maintenance issues
How to report maintenance

TIPS: property managers (landlord and agent) prefer when their tenants provide images to help them understand the severity of the issue. Good news, we even support videos.

Get feedback on maintenance issues

As soon as your issue is submitted, your landlord/agent will receive a notification to inform them of the issue. 

The will be able to communicate with you on the issue, comment and ask details on the issue.

Get an appointment for the repair

Your landlord/agent can set up an appointment for the issue directly using lofti. You will receive an email & a push notification to inform you on the date and time of the appointment.

Resolve a maintenance issue

You can resolve a maintenance issue directly in the mobile or Web version of our app.

There are three ways to resolve the issue.

  • First the issue is no longer a problem
  • You solve the issue before it was fixed by your landlord/agent
  • A contractor/handyman came and fixed it

These three situations can be selected when you hit the “Resolve issue” button.

close a maintenance issue

GOOD TO KNOW: It is important to know that when someone come to fix the issue we ask them if they were able to find and fix the problem. If they do, they will have to mark the issue as fixed and then we will consider it as a closed issue 48 hours after the appointment.