How to renew an existing tenancy

by | Oct 10, 2022

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How to renew a tenancy

A tenancy is about to end and you need to renew it. In Lofti you can renew it in just a few clicks. You only have to follow very few steps:

  1. The notification
  2. The renewal

The notification

45 days before the end of a tenancy, the tenant will receive an email notification asking them if they want to renew their tenancy with you. We collect the result and inform you about their choices.


Here below is a sample of the email that the tenant will receive:

tenancy renewal sample email

Here below is a sample of the email you receive when a tenant has chosen to renew their tenancy or not.

tenancy renewal email sample agent side

Once you click on View the tenancy you will start the renewal or termination process

The renewal process

Once you click on the email informing you about the renewal choice of your tenants you will be redirected here:

renewal process when tenancy is about to expire

In this view, you can see the renewal choice of your tenants that are automatically saved based on their answers.

Select the tenancy you want to renew and you will be redirected to the tenancy details page.

tenancy renewal details

You now just need to hit the Renew Tenancy button to start the renewal process.

During this renewal process, we gather all the details about the current tenancy and duplicate everything. You, then, will be able to change the following details:

  • Tenancy terms (start date, end date, term)
  • Monthly rent
  • Break clause
tenancy renewal process gather details

After modifying the details (if needed) you can either generate the new tenancy agreement or upload a signed agreement.

As soon as the document is signed by all parties or uploaded you will be able to add the deposit protection details.

tenancy renewal process modify details

Congratulations, you have just renewed a tenancy!

Note, when a tenancy is renewed we add the tenancy history to help you monitor the evolution of the terms and rent for this specific tenant. To see the full history of the tenancy you just need to reach the ‘History’ tab.

how to renew a tenancy agreement