How to prove property ownership

by | Apr 17, 2023

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A tenancy is about to begin and you need to provide the necessary documents to your tenants.

Using Lofti you can do it in just a few clicks. 

Whenever you add your property, you will get a warning guiding you into the easy-to-follow steps before being able to list their properties. One of these steps is to add their ownership (or managerial rights) details.

The ownership tab (see screenshot below)

In this tab, Lofti users can provide the following:

  • Ownership documents: register & title, sales contract, copy of the deeds etc.
  • Owner’s contact details & documents
prove property ownership on lofti

If you decide not to provide such information or documents, no worries, in order to avoid any blocking action, we have made this warning flexible and you can simply ignore it and proceed.

The owner’s contact details and documents

When adding the property to Lofti we ask if you own the property or not. Depending on that you will have 2 options

1. If you are a self-managing landlord and you own the property

If you are a self-managing landlord then we will automatically pull the details you have already previously provided in the contact section. No worries, you will be always able to edit these details as well as add your personal documents.

contact details to prove property ownership

2. If you are a property manager

If you are a letting agent or property manager you will be basically managing someone else’s property.

You will have to add the contact details of the legal owner. This contact information can be of a physical person, an organisation, or a trust. Lofti provides you with a solution to add these contact details. 

If you are uploading a property and the owner of that property already exists in your contact database, simply search for it in the existing contacts.