How to list properties from your account

by | Apr 16, 2023

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A tenancy is about to end and you have to find a new tenant, well the first step is to list and market your property.

Using Lofti you can do it in just a few clicks thanks to our new integration with the Zoopla listing platform (more integrations with other platforms coming soon).

The Letting tab (see screenshot below)

In this section user will have to provide details regarding the:

  • Current rent
  • Asking rent
  • Minimum rent acceptable (optional)
  • Date when the property will be available for rent
list properties from your lofti account

In the advertising section, Lofti users will be able to “tick and untick” the online ad field activating or not the listing on the listing platform.

Required elements to use Zoopla:

  • Have a connected account with Lofti → ask us to connect your account here →
  • Have provided all the marketing materials in the “Property details” tab, as to know:
    • Title
    • Description
    • Pictures
    • Property feature

As said before we are working as you read on adding more and more listing platforms to this view to give our users as many options as we can.