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by | Jan 18, 2023

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To generate reports and contracts within Lofti you must first create a template like what can be seen here, which shows the between a brand and 1 tenant and 1 guarantor.

You may notice in this template there are various places holders that look like ‘${RENT}’ these are there so the amount inputted on the lofti system will be automatically inputted into the contract when you click the generate button.

A full list of the variables can be seen in the appendix, these variables need to be added into the contract template where you need changeable information such as tenant or landlord name.

All templates must be in .docx or .odt formats to be compatible with lofti’s system


When you this template has been created the next step is to upload it to lofti for use. To do this you must first be logged into your lofti account and on the account page, which is accessed through clicking you email in the top right corner as shown below.

Onboarding a tenant on lofti step 1

After this you need to navigate to the templates sub section, this will take you to the template page where you will be able to upload the template, or click here.

Onboarding a tenant on lofti step 2

When you get there you should see this screen below, there you will need to navigate to the type of template are trying to upload through the ‘See details’ text on the right man side.

When you are there you will need to click the ‘Upload a Template’ button and select the template from your computers hard drive. This will upload it onto the lofti system, to then make it active you toggle the ‘Use’ switch. This will make the template available through the onboarding and tenancy stage.

Onboarding a tenant on lofti step 3

We support 7 different categories of templates which are: Booking forms, Assured Shorthold tenancy, Licensed Agreement, Corporate Let Agreement, Let Only Agreement, Let & Manage Agreement, and Rent Guaranteed Agreement.


Before you deploy these templates it is best to test them to ensure the document will work, to do this click eye icon in the ‘preview’ column, this will fill your document with dummy data and download it to your computer.

This can then be checked to ensure the correct data is displayed is correct.

Variable Name



Rent amount


Deposit amount
















Terms of the tenancy agreement










































Name of the unit in Lofti














Your company’s name


Your company’s email


Your company’s contact number