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by | Jan 18, 2023

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What's in this article

In this article we will explain how you can upload your documents to lofti and once done, how to automatically fill them with the data you have as a user of Lofti

Prepare your template

The first step you need to follow is to prepare and add your template to lofti.

List of variables

Variables you can use in your booking forms

Variable name


${TENANT_FULL_NAME} Full name of the person doing the enquiry
${TENANT_FIRST_NAME} First name of the person doing the enquiry
${TENANT_LAST_NAME} Last name of the person doing the enquiry
${TENANT_EMAIL} Email of the person doing the enquiry
${TENANT_CONTACT_NUMBER} Phone number of the person doing the enquiry
${PROPERTY_ADDRESS} Full Property address
${MONTHLY_RENT} Monthly rent
${WEEKLY_RENT} Weekly rent
${START_DATE} Expected start date of the rental agreement
${END_DATE} Expected end date of the rental agreement
${TERMS} Expected term of the rental agreement
${PROPERTY_ADDRESS_LINE_1} Property address line 1
${PROPERTY_ADDRESS_LINE_2} Property address line 2
${UNIT} Name of the enquired Unit
${PROPERTY_POST_CODE} Property postcode
${PROPERTY_CITY_TOWN} Property city or town
${LETTING_AGENT_BRAND} Your company’s name
${LETTING_AGENT_FULL_NAME} Your full name as the user onboarding the tenant
${LETTING_AGENT_FIRST_NAME} Your first name as the user onboarding the tenant
${LETTING_AGENT_LAST_NAME} Your last name as the user onboarding the tenant
${LETTING_AGENT_EMAIL} Your email as the user onboarding the tenant
${BRAND_NAME} Your company’s name
${BRAND_EMAIL} Your company’s email
${BRAND_CONTACT_NUMBER} Your company’s contact number

Variables you can use for your tenancy agreements

Variable name


${TENANT_1_FULL_NAME} First tenant’s full name
${TENANT_1_FIRST_NAME} First tenant’s first name
${TENANT_1_LAST_NAME} First tenant’s last name
${TENANT_1_EMAIL} First tenant’s email
${TENANT_1_CONTACT_NUMBER} First tenant’s phone number
${GUARANTOR_1_FULL_NAME} First guarantor’s full name
${GUARANTOR_1_FIRST_NAME} First guarantor’s first name
${GUARANTOR_1_LAST_NAME} First guarantor’s last name
${GUARANTOR_1_EMAIL} First guarantor’s email
${GUARANTOR_1_CONTACT_NUMBER} First guarantor’s phone number
${LANDLORD_1_FULL_NAME} First landlord’s full name
${LANDLORD_1_FIRST_NAME} First landlord’s first name
${LANDLORD_1_LAST_NAME} First landlord’s last name
${LANDLORD_1_EMAIL} First landlord’s email
${LANDLORD_1_CONTACT_NUMBER} First landlord’s phone number
${LANDLORD_1_COMPANY} First landlord’s company
${LANDLORD_1_ADDRESS_LINE_1} First landlord’s address line 1
${LANDLORD_1_ADDRESS_LINE_2} First landlord’s address line 2
${LANDLORD_1_POST_CODE} First landlord’s postcode
${LANDLORD_1_CITY} First landlord’s city
${LANDLORD_1_COUNTRY} First landlord’s country
${LANDLORD_1_NATIONALITY} First landlord’s nationality
${PROPERTY_ADDRESS_LINE_1} Property’s address line 1
${PROPERTY_ADDRESS_LINE_2} Property’s address line 2
${UNIT} Unit name
${PROPERTY_POST_CODE} Property’s postcode
${PROPERTY_CITY_TOWN} Property’s city
${PROPERTY_COUNTRY} Property’s country
${LETTING_AGENT_FULL_NAME} Your full name (as the user of lofti)
${LETTING_AGENT_FIRST_NAME} Your first name (as the user of lofti)
${LETTING_AGENT_LAST_NAME} Your last name (as the user of lofti)
${LETTING_AGENT_EMAIL} Your email (as the user of lofti)
${TENANCY_INITIAL_TERM} Term of the agreement
${TENANCY_START_DATE} Agreement start date
${TENANCY_END_DATE} Agreement end date
${TENANCY_DEPOSIT} Deposit amount (digits)
${TENANCY_DEPOSIT_AMOUNT_TEXT} Deposit amount (text)
${TENANCY_DURATION_MONTHS} agreement duration in months
${TENANCY_BREAK_CLAUSE} agreement ‘s break clause
${TENANCY_DEPOSIT_SCHEME} Deposit scheme used
${BRAND_NAME} Your company’s name (as the user of lofti)
${BRAND_EMAIL} Your company’s generic email
${BRAND_CONTACT_NUMBER} Your company’s generic contact number
${ALL_TENANT_NAMES} Lists all the tenants full names
${ALL_GUARANTOR_NAMES} Lists all the guarantors full names
${MONTHLY_RENT} Monthly rent
${WEEKLY_RENT} Weekly rent

Note: as you can see we have the ability to add several tenants data. For example if you need to create a template that includes 2 tenants, you will have to add the following variables:


Note how we added the “2”. This will work the same way for guarantors & landlords.

Add your variables to your template

Once you have all the information gathered to fill in the variables,  you can then prepare your own document templates. (booking form, tenancy agreement, licensed agreement etc.).

While completing a template, replace the name of a variable with the variable’s data in the right place. You can take a look at our example below of the tenancy agreement we usually use for our clients if you’re not sure.

generate your own document

As you can see above, in the right column we have added the variables. They will be replaced by our system with the right data when generating the agreement in the onboarding flow.

Once your template is complete, download it in either of the following formats: .odt or .docx

Please make sure that your document has the right format as for now, no other formats are supported.

Upload your document

Once your template is ready, it can now be uploaded to lofti. To do so, please go to your account:

  1. Click on your account in the top right corner (you can click on your email address)
  2. Click on the “Template” tab
onboarding with a template
account settings when onboarding

The following screen should now appear for you

final account setting when onboarding a document

In order to add your template to lofti, select the right category that fits the template you are adding. Currently, we have templates for:

  • Letting a property/unit
    • Booking forms
    • Assured Shorthold Tenancies (for traditional tenancy agreements)
    • Licensed Agreements (for Rent To Rent)
    • Corporate Let Agreements (for any commercial lets)
  • Managing a property
    • Letting agreements
    • Letting & Management agreements (traditional agreement between a letting agent & a landlord)
    • Guaranteed rent agreements 

Once you have selected the right category, click on the “Upload a template” button (as seen in the above screenshot). A dialogue box will appear and let you select the document to upload.

NOTE: once you upload your document, if we find any errors when parsing its content, they will be made clear so you can complete any corrections.

Test your document

We provide you with a test functionality to make sure your documents are faultless and when you need the template they are ready to go.

In order to test the template, you simply need to click on the eye icon (under the “Preview” column). The document you have uploaded will be filled with example data and automatically downloaded on your computer.

naming a document when generating a document

Once you have tested your template and everything is filled as expected. You can turn on the toggle “Use” to active, so the system will automatically provide you with this document at the right place of the onboarding flow.

NOTE: you can also use several templates at the same time.

Use your template in the onboarding flow

Booking form

Once you have uploaded the template and verified that everything works as expected, you can now go to the onboarding flow and start filling in the information about your prospective tenant.

Once you reach the holding deposit step you will have the ability to either:

  • Generate the booking form (based on your template)
  • Or upload a signed document

To generate your booking form from the template you uploaded previously, you just need to select the one you want to use and hit the “Generate Booking Form template” button as shown below.

booking form when generating a document

The document will automatically be filled by our system with the data we already have and automatically be downloaded to your computer.

Now, it’s up to you to send it to your prospective tenant for their signature (integration with e-signature providers is on the way. Soon, you will be able to do this within 2 clicks)

Once the document is signed, we recommend uploading the signed version back to lofti to keep track of things and remain organised.

Tenancy agreement

The logic for the tenancy agreement is the same as described above. You first need to set up your template with variables and once you have reached the tenancy stage you will be able to select the tenancy agreement template and generate the document before sending it to tenants for their signature.