How to chat with my Property Manager

by | Oct 10, 2022

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How to chat with my landlord or agent

When you sign a tenancy and join Lofti we allow you to have a direct chat with the person who manages the property you are living in. Here is how you can chat with him/her.

In order to chat, open our mobile app or the web application and connect to your account.

In the web version, you have a chat icon. By clicking on it you will be able to see the message history.

How to chat with my landlord or agent

As you can see, here the user received a message and here is how it looks once opened.

How to see chat history


1- I am living in a shared accommodation, can my flat/house mates see my conversations?

Definitely not. Only you and your agent/landlord can see the conversations you have


2- I have a group chat activated in my account, what does it mean?

Some of our clients ask to have a group chat with all the tenants living in a HMO property. In this case only we create a conversation with all the tenant and the landlord/agent.


3- Are my conversations secured?

Absolutely, we take privacy concerns very seriously.


4- Can I chat with other tenants?

Not at the moment