How to get on the Lofti App

by | Sep 26, 2022

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How to get on the Lofti App

You recently signed a tenancy agreement with your landlord or agent and they are using Lofti to manage their properties. Here are the few cases on how you can connect to your account after signing your tenancy agreement.


You went through Lofti tenant referencing

When you logged in to your account to proceed with the tenant referencing process, you had to set up a password. While you were completing the referencing we prepared your account.

So in order to connect to your tenant account, have 2 possibilities:

Download the mobile and connect to your account using your email address and the password you set up previously. 

Once you have downloaded the app, you will be redirected to the login page as shown below. 

Lofti mobile app

OR connect to your account on our web application here : (accessible on mobile & desktop devices) using your email address and  the password you set up previously.

Lofti desktop log in

You did not go through Lofti tenant referencing

As soon as you sign a tenancy agreement with your landlord or agent, you should receive a welcome email.

The email will invite you to set up your password in order to access your account. You can do this process online.

IMPORTANT: you do not need the mobile app installed on your mobile phone to accomplish this step. The link in our welcome email will redirect you to our web application.

How to get on the Lofti app

The link in the email redirects you to this page below where you can set up your password and access your account.

Login to Lofti software

You already have a Lofti account


Then the job will be easy, we use your email address as the unique identifier to find you in our database. You then just need to connect to your account to see the property you will live in soon.


Frequently Asked Questions


1- I set up my password and reached my account but it seems empty?

No worries at all, it is not a bug. We consider that you may access the property details as soon as your tenancy starts. 

If your tenancy hasn’t started yet, this is normal. If your tenancy has already started, then we might have an issue. Please reach out to and explain the situation.


2- I have installed the mobile app first and created an account from scratch, should it work?

Yes it will work. We use your email address as the unique identifier to find you. So even if you have created your account and joined afterwards it won’t make a difference.


3- I can’t find the mobile app in the app stores, is this normal?

At the moment our mobile app is only available in the UK versions of the app stores. We are working to make it more accessible to other countries but this should come in the coming months. 


In order to download the app you might have to change the region of your phone. Here are helpful links on how to do it:

In any cases, you should be able to connect to your account by connecting to our web application here: