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by | May 22, 2023

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In order to confirm your income we will need to contact your employer to obtain a reference or from your accountant if you are self-employed.

This is to ensure you will be able to make the rental payments for the duration of your tenancy. If you are about to start a new job please provide the details of your future employer.

Source of Income


Information you need to supply 

  • Full name (this person must be more senior than you or in HR) 
  • A professional email address (e.g Not a Gmail or Hotmail address) 
  • A Phone Number 

What we verify with them

  • Your Job Title 
  • Contract type (Permanent, Fixed term and Temporary Contracts) 
  • Your employment dates (Start date and end date, when applicable) 
  • Annual Guaranteed Salary (This is based on your base salary and guaranteed bonus or guaranteed hours) Referee’s name and job title 

Self Employed 

Information you need to supply 

  • Full name and job title (this person must work for a professional accountancy firm) 
  • A professional email address (e.g Not a Gmail or Hotmail address) 
  • A Phone Number 
  • Your most recent self-assessment tax return (We accept the SA100/SA*)) and the SA302) 

What we verify 

  • Self-Employment start date 
  • Trading Capacity (sole trader, director, partner, etc) 
  • Your personal net income (As submitted with HMRC for the most recent fiscal year)

Pension Statements

Documents your can supply 

  • Bank statements (these must be within the last three months) 
  • Pension P60 (Must be from the end of the most recent financial year) 
  • Annual pension statements (This must show your name, date, the value of your pension payments, the number of pensions you are in receipt for and how frequently these payments are made) 
  • Pension payslips (This must show your name, the date (within the last three months), the number of your pension payments and the frequency of these payments)


As a student we understand you may not have any income that we are able to assess, due to this it is very likely that you will need a guarantor to support your application. Below are the forms of income we are able to assess. 

Income we accept 

  • Income from employment (See the Employed section for details) 
  • Income from self-employment (See the Self-Employed section for details) 
  • Scholarships 
  • Bursaries 
  • Benefits 
  • Savings 

The income we don’t accept 

  • Maintenance loans from Student Finance in the UK or Internationally 
  • Tuition fee Funding from Student Finance in the UK 
  • Any Scholarship or Bursary funding will need to be supported with a headed letter from your university or funding body and needs to state the value of the funding and the dates (e.g. start and end dates). 


If you are unemployed, do not receive benefits and are applying as a tenant, then we will have one of three ways to assess your application: 

  • Provide a guarantor that meets our standards 
  • Pay the whole tenancy upfront 
  • Reside in the property as a permitted occupier due to the other tenants being able to make the rental payments 
  • If you have other sources of income such as pensions or benefits we can assess you based on them. To learn more please go to the relevant section for your situation. 


If you are on benefits we would need to see signed proof of this from the council or casework and it must be dated within the last 30 days.

This document needs to be in pdf or picture form, we can not accept Word documents. For us to approve this document it needs to have: 

  • Your name 
  • The date the statement was sent 
  • Value of benefits you will receive 
  • Be in PDF or picture format (we do not accept work documents) 
  • As well as the signed proof from your council or caseworker we would need to see your last 3 months of bank statements.