How Lofti works

For landlords

You can choose to let us fully manage your properties or pay a small fee per tenant if you are self-managing, but still want the benefits of the app.
Once you register you’ll get access to our smart property management platform. Tenancy agreements, documents, inventories, certificates etc can all be accessed at a touch of a button. You can contact tenants and vice versa, as well as have contractors on-demand 24/7 for any issues. You’ll wonder how you managed without it.

For tenants

The power to manage your home in the palm of your hand. Our free app gives you access to all the useful documents about where you are renting, as well as useful stuff like instruction manuals. You can even send messages to your landlord. If there’s a problem, a 24/7 contractor can get it sorted in a jiffy.

Peace of mind. There’s an app for that.

Safe as houses

At Lofti ,we are a people business and we understand how important personal information is. That’s why we are fully GPDR compliant. Your data is secure in the cloud and the information you provide about the property is only accessible by those that it is registered to. We do not share or sell any information outside the Lofti platform.


It’s great owning your own home, it’s even better to manage it for free. You’ll get access to useful property content, as well as 24/7 on-demand home care professionals. Pretty sweet.


Calling all plumbers, electricians, builders, pest controllers, monkey wranglers…
If you would like to be part of a growing army of Lofti contractors ready to help out our landlords and tenants then we would love to hear from you. We pay a competitive fixed rate on all jobs and as the platform grows, you can enjoy a steady stream of work.

Business and
Property Management Professionals

Perhaps you run a large portfolio of properties for clients or you need a hand in streamlining things, then we can help. For an industry-leading fee we can provide a hassle free service that will free up your time and save you money and headaches. We can take care of the donkey work, while your business gallops ahead. With contractors on hand and all data secured in the cloud, property management 2.0 has arrived.

Three months.
For a big fat zero.*

* for the first 100 landlords who have London properties only

Three months.
For a big fat zero.*

* for the first 100 landlords who have London properties only