How and why Andreas created Lofti?

All they see are dollar signs.

In October 2010, after a 2-year effort and back-to-back rejections, it finally paid off and Andreas landed a job and moved to London from Athens. He had his suitcase, but his savings of £7,500 took would take another two weeks to arrive. A first flat rental experience next to Tower Bridge had left a bad aftertaste in his mouth. A broken window handle, a constantly leaking shower mixer and a hallway radiator that never heated up, were never fixed. Plus a large part of the deposit was unfairly kept. No wonder it’s called the ‘big smoke’. Everyone keeps getting burned.

Helping tenants, changing priorities.

In 2015, Andreas bought his first rental property and for the first time was sitting on the other side of the table aiming to offer the experiences he never enjoyed. Two years later the time was ripe for a big leap of faith. Lessons had been learnt from his first rental and with a drive for tenant satisfaction, he decided to swap a regular salary for a precarious rental one. By early 2020, Andreas had built a portfolio of 11 London properties with 50+ tenants. Tenants across properties could communicate and even swap places. Success had taken a lot of sacrifice. But it was worth it to see the smile on people’s faces. To see the change from a sour home experience, to one of ‘Home Sweet Home’.

Inspiring fellow landlords.

Word of mouth soon spread. Friends and friends of friends made contact asking for the same hassle-free tenant experience. What they wanted with their front door keys, was the chance to unlock fairness, respect and care for the place they called home. To be listened to, understood and heard. Landlords, inspired by what they had seen and heard, started asking him to manage their properties. The seeds of Lofti had been sown. It was time to make them bloom.

Knock knock. Who’s there? It’s Lofti.

Lofti is creating the opportunities for people to have a better home life. So they can feel safe, secure and have faith in a system that works with them, not exploits them. It exists to enable and empower landlords and home care professionals to provide services in a professional way to everyone. Our mission is to create a community where landlords, homeowners and tenants receive superior home services. Where technology and data can address all their home related needs hassle-free and seamlessly in the most economical way. Where communities are made up of partners, not built of customers.