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Houses for sale in the South West

by | Nov 15, 2022

Home $ House for sale in the UK $ Houses for sale in the South West

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The South West of England is home to places like Bristol, Bath and Devon all of which are prime locations for people who both want to stay to live and on a part time basis as if they were visiting university for instance and needed to be able to rent somewhere.

So, the area in general presenta a good opportunity for landlords to be able to buy houses that are fairly expensive and can go up in value because of capital appreciation and a strong buyer demand and also the opportunity for landlords to rent out a property too. The South West and in particular the cities in the South West such as Bristol is a great place to get the best of both worlds in terms of rental and buyer demand in this sense.

In terms of the average income of the area, there are a lot of affluent people there too with the average household income close to a city like London at £41,258.

What’s great is you are able to sell the features of the areas in the South West of England to tenants and those looking to buy. The area has a lot of amenities and history too such as the Eden project in Cornwall and the Glastonbury festival that happens every year. On top of this, the area is very safe compared to cities like Londond where crime is the highest in the UK.

For most looking to move in, there are a few advantages to living there that you can use to sell or rent a property and this is reflected in the higher average rents and purchase price for homes that attract a more affluent resident to the South West of England.

This is why our next paragraph comes in very handy. Every city of the South West with key industry data and demographic trends to let you better evaluate your next investment.

An insight into property in South West
Rental Yield Average house price Average household income Average population
3.5% £388,316 £41,258 5,415,948

Houses for sale in different cities of the South West

In the alphabetical list here below you will be able to access articles with analysis of all the cities with houses for sale in the South West.

Data for cities in South West

Cities starting with A

Cities starting with B

Cities starting with C

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Cities starting with E

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Property expert

Donnell is a property expert focusing on the property market, he looks at a combination of legislation, information from property managers, letting agents and market trends to produce information to help landlords.


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