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Houses for sale in the South East

by | Nov 15, 2022

Home $ House for sale in the UK $ Houses for sale in the South East

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South East England is one of the most affluent regions of the UK and is known for its stunning countryside and coastline and where a lot of people in the UK will buy a home to retire and spend the later years of their life. 

This means, unlike other areas where there is only a high demand for those renting, there is a high demand for buying property across the region, particularly in the urban areas. The acreage price of a home reflects this as in the South East, the average price of a five bed home is over a million pounds.

This is a lot higher than the £838,000 average for the Uk that is driven up by the large cities in England such as London.

The population density in the South East is also fairly high despite there being a lot of open space as there are over 7.5 million people living in the region. This means that the property market is competitive, and landlords need to be strategic in their investments and understand that they are dealing with a market that is fairly similar to Lonon in the level of affluence there is.

In terms of renting laws, landlords must adhere to the regulations set out in the Tenant Fees Act 2019 and the Housing and Planning Act 2016. These laws aim to protect tenants from unfair fees and poor living conditions. Failing to comply with these laws can result in hefty fines or even the revocation of a landlord’s license to rent properties. This is especially important because there are a fair amount of holiday homes in the area that you may think do not need to comply with these regulations when in fact they do.

An insight into property in South East
Rental Yield Average house price Average household income Average population
3.5% £482,495 £49,697 7,578,924

Houses for sale in different cities of the South East

Property data and demographic factors of a specific area all contribute to the final price of the properties in the same area.
Here below is ours for the Sout East.

Data for cities in the South East region

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Donnell Bailey

Property expert

Donnell is a property expert focusing on the property market, he looks at a combination of legislation, information from property managers, letting agents and market trends to produce information to help landlords.


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