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Houses for sale in East of England

by | Nov 15, 2022

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The East of England is a diverse area of the UK that offers a range of investment opportunities for landlords. With a population of around 6 million people, the East of England is home to a number of thriving cities, including Norwich, Cambridge, and Peterborough, as well as a number of popular coastal towns.

The property market in the East of England is relatively stable, with average house prices and rents falling in line with the UK average. According to recent data, the average house price in the East of England is £355,670, which is slightly higher than the West Midlands but still affordable compared to other areas of the UK.

One of the key drivers of rental demand in the East of England is the large student population in the region. The University of Cambridge, for example, is one of the most prestigious universities in the world, and attracts thousands of students from across the globe each year. This has helped to create a buoyant student rental market in the area, with many landlords benefiting from high occupancy rates and stable rental yields.

In addition to the student rental market, the East of England also has a strong demand for family homes, with many families choosing to settle in the area due to its excellent schools, green spaces, and high quality of life. This has helped to create a stable long-term rental market, with many landlords enjoying consistent rental income from their investment properties.

Overall, the East of England is a highly attractive area for landlords looking to invest in the UK property market. With a diverse range of investment opportunities, stable house prices and rents, and a strong rental demand driven by both students and families, the East of England is a popular choice for both domestic and international investors.

An insight into property in the East of England
Rental Yield Average house price Average household income Average population
4.5% £416,872 £45,610 5,680,890

Houses for sale in different areas of East of England

This is why, In the next paragraph, you will be able to find an analysis of the houses for sale in each one of the cities in the East of England.

Each article will comprehend KPIs such as:

  • the average asking rent
  • the average paid rent
  • the houses sold per month
  • the real estate market growth for the last 1, 3 and 5 years
  • and much more

East of England cities

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