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A guide on houses for sale in Brookfield

by | Nov 15, 2022

Home $ House for sale in the UK $ A guide on houses for sale in Brookfield

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As a landlord, whenever you are looking at houses for sale in Lancashire, you could find varying prices throughout an area like Brookfield. In this article, this data will be simplified so you can find all of the data on one, convenient page.

So, from the rental yield of Brookfield to the success you may expect to get when submitting planning permission. Everything you need to know about house for sale in the UK and in Brookfield will be revealed. Keep reading.

In Brookfield, what do houses for sale tend to sell for?

There are a lot of factors that impact the final sale price a house for sale sells for in the UK and in Brookfield. In Brookfield, this sale price works out to be £144,090. As an example, a factor like population growth over the last 10 years which works out to be 4% in Brookfield and impacts house prices of the houses for sale.

Housing category Total final sale price
Average sold price (detached) £257,006
Average sold price (semi-detached) £164,817
Average sold price (terraced) £104,753
Average sold price (flat) £69,603

Above, the exact type of house is also shown to vary in price in a table in Brookfield. You may think that the bigger the house is the more expensive, but actually, this table is more based on the demand for the properties in each category.

Housing category Sale price per square foot
Average sold price/sqft £1,625
Average sold price/sqft (new build) £1,890
Average sold price/sqft (old stock) £1,590

In addition, here is the price per square foot. By taking this data and doing an average, it is also possible to work out the average square foot of houses in Brookfield which is £1,695. From here you can get a sense of the price of the overall housing market and therefore, also find out the prices of the houses for sale.

Advice from experts on properties for sale in Brookfield

Nowadays, there are so many properties on the real estate market that it can be difficult to decide which one is the best house for sale for you.
So, who can help you navigate the process of choosing a house for sale?
The number of professionals that offer real estate investors advice and assistance is broad and when it comes to dealing with houses for sale, the process can be complex.

Find here a list of those that can help when buying a house for sale:

  • Moneylender – lends you the sum of money you need to buy the house for sale you are looking for
  • Insurance agent – A firm that provides several insurances and protections for the house for sale that might become your future house
  • Solicitor – A person or company that will sort out the legal work needed before buying a house for sale
  • Civil engineer – Also called surveyor, he or she will provide you with an independent valuation of the house for sale you are willing to buy
  • Mortgage advisor – Realistically, you will need a mortgage in order to afford to buy a house for sale. Mortgage advisors will guide you and propose the best mortgage deals based on your financial records
  • EPC specialist – Especially nowadays, getting professional advice on the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) of the house for sale you are considering buying is crucial

What is the asking price on average of houses for sale in Brookfield?

On average, in Brookfield, the asking price for a house for sale in the area is £156,464.

The below table puts this figure into perspective as you can see the various average sale prices of the different type of houses for sale in Brookfield. From a 1 bedroom house up to a 5 bedroom house.

As you can imagine, as the price goes up, the size of a room also goes up and in general, the larger a house is, the more you can expect the sale price to be as well.

The average asking price for the houses for sale in the city of Brookfield

Average asking price (1 bed) £73,021
Average asking price (2 bed) £117,299
Average asking price (3 bed) £169,168
Average asking price (4 bed) £319,981
Average asking price (5 bed) £493,457

Based on this table, hopefully, you will be able to tell what type of house for sale is the most suitable for your budget. You can also consider the average asking price per square foot (£1,005) for houses for sale with this table to get a good idea as to whether Brookfield is the right area to buy a house in for you.

A house for sale that is right for you

Many criteria impact the price of houses for sale in Brookfield.
Here below are the most important ones according to Lofti’s expertise:

  • Affordability – (see what house for sale can you afford?)

    A guide from the UK government

  • House Location – The borough and region of the UK you want to invest in is an important factor to consider when looking for a home for sale.

  • Transport – Commuting can be a waste of time. Minimise it by checking how long it will take from the house for sale you’re interested in, to your office before considering buying

  • Number of bedrooms – The number of bedrooms goes hand in hand with the house for sale price. If you are buying for the long period try to think if you might need an extra bedroom

  • Energy performance of the house for sale – The difference between an EPC rating of A and an EPC rating of G can impact your monthly utility bills, consider this when evaluating houses for sale.

  • Internet connection – Being able to take video calls from your home is crucial nowadays, always check the broadband of the area when browsing houses for sale

  • Car park – Ask the property seller for parking availability. If it is included in the price of the house for sale, you can justify paying more than you would at first glance

  • Conditions of the house for sale – Repair works can be expensive and take a lot of time, assess the conditions of the houses listed for sale before making an official offer.

Thinking of a different city and perhaps a different location?

Below is a list of towns that differ from Brookfield.
Going over these locations will help you evaluate the different houses for sale across the UK. Whether that be in the same or a very different region to North West:

If you are interested in other cities or even regions of the UK, please visit the following page for more information:houses for sale in the UK it contains all the data related to the houses for sale in our nation.

In Brookfield, what are the rental yields?

Are there more or fewer houses being built in Brookfield?

Whenever you are thinking about looking for houses for sale in Brookfield, think about how the city is growing and how this may impact the overall growth of the area.

Comparing the growth at different time periods would be a great way to assess whether the growth has slowed down, remained the same or perhaps stagnated over the years.

1 year 3 years 5 years
Brookfield growth rate 32% 11% 19%

As the population of Brookfield grows, this may also push up the price of the houses for sale. More people would be looking to buy homes and permanently live in the area. This demand helps a home appreciate. However, this isn’t always true because some cities build a lot of houses too to match the supply.

You may have heard of rental yield as being important for investors who wish to make a sizable profit on their rental properties. If this sounds like you and you’re looking to invest in a house currently for sale and collect rental income in Brookfield this statistic is what you were looking for.

Data should also be compared to the broader region of the UK (North West) alongside Lancashire then looked at with other statistics like the area’s rent and the turnover of sale of the houses in question. It could be that an investor prefers to make a profit on the sale of a house rather than the rental income and optimal properties for this investment varies throughout Brookfield.

This decision is made differently depending on the investor’s tolerance for risk, investing strategy, the location they’re investing in and their overall goal for buying a house currently listed for sale.

Average Yield Average Asking rent Turnover (rental) Turnover (sale)
Brookfield £0 £782 £1 £0
Lancashire 4.25% £691.17 100.27% 17.49%
North West 0.04 807.60 £1 20.19%

As you observe table above, it could be valuable to contrast these figures with other pieces of data relevant to the process of buying like the crime rate or the appreciation of houses for sale in Brookfield.

As you can tell, the best conclusions are drawn when the buyer of a house for sale looks at all the data involved holistically and doesn’t make quick decisions based on one or two pieces of data. As an example, comparing the data with the number of property sold per month (no relevant data for this city) will be useful.

What kind of demographics does the city of Brookfield have?

Brookfield within Lancashire is notable for the type of people that live there. The statistics below show how this is the case.

As you read on, Brookfield will be looked at by comparing it to the local region, as well as comparing it to the wider region too (North West). From what the population of the city is to how it’s growing as well as factors like the overall crime rate.

This data is impacted by the history of the area and what kind of industry there is around. All of which also impact house prices which is crucial for you to understand as you look at houses for sale in Brookfield.

How educated are the people in Brookfield?

In Brookfield, the proportion of people who have a degree is 24%. Generally speaking, as the number of people with degrees increases, the more people are able to afford houses to buy as a degree is a good indicator of a higher income. To put this into perspective, the average income of Brookfield is £38,600.00.

This figure for average household income usually goes up alongside the percentage of people who have degrees.

However, this is not a hard and fast rule, there are many factors influencing the buying power of a population and hence the appreciation of housing and the number of houses for sale in the area. This can include the rental yields of the area and other demographic statistics like crime rate.

Nonetheless, it cannot be argued that those with degrees tend to live in more affluent areas as 82% of people who achieve a first in degree level education are owners of the place they live.

In the city of Brookfield, has the population grown or shrunk?

Population growth in Brookfield is important to know if there is housing demand and the total population may also be looked at as large populations commonly have a lot of buyer demand.

In Brookfield, 100087 people live in the city as their main place of residence.

It is important to note that it is not the case that everyone likes a large population to live in. People who tend to prefer a more relaxed life are more likely to buy or rent somewhere to live that has a small population and perhaps also wouldn’t mind if the population isn’t growing.

Other people also like to have a mix of both. Where they can visit rural areas and also benefit from the amenities of a busy city.

In Brookfield in the previous five years, have population numbers transformed?

Five years may seem like a long time but it is rare for a city to grow that much unless there is dramatic population growth. In Brookfield, this change has been 3%. Read more here

Someone who wishes to find out how this change has occurred over a longer period of time may also wish to read the headings below and see if the change has continued throughout the past decade too. Or if the change is only true for the more recent figure for five years of 3%. Click here to know more on the UK population trends.

Over the last decade, how has the population differed in Brookfield?

Populations change all the time but if there is a clear change in population in the last ten years this is even more reliable data about the population of the area as opposed to five. This adjustment in population works out to be 4% in Brookfield.

What this statistic is like in comparison to the population change in five years should provide you with a comprehensive understanding of what direction the population is heading in.

In recent years because of the pandemic, it is common to see dramatic differences in the population change in the last five years when comparing it to ten as people realise they can work from home but still keep the current jobs they have.

This means they can move to cities they wouldn’t have considered otherwise and be location-independent of their source of income. Perhaps making a longer commute into the office every week for example.

Do the people of Brookfield get to enjoy green space?

Providing the right amount of green space for people in the UK is a difficult subject because there are clear benefits for human health but at the same time, it is hard to make sure all areas of the UK can get enough greenery. This is a result of land being already in use in cities where most people live.

In Brookfield, 14 is the amount of acres of outdoor space there is for every 1000 people. Charities such as ‘Fields in Trust’ recommend there to be at least 6 acres. This should allow you to conclude whether this green space is sufficient for you if you are interested in buying in Brookfield.

Are the deprivation levels of the UK any different to Brookfield?

Deprivation levels refer to the ability of the population of the city to earn enough to keep their lifestyle going. Nationwide, it is thought that the number of people at this level or not being able to meet the costs of living is around 33%. In comparison, the deprivation level of Brookfield is £0.

What is the city of Brookfield’s social grade score?

In the city of Brookfield and throughout the UK, the social grade score is assessed by observing what type of jobs people have and then grouping this into a grading system.

In general, the people at the top of the scale (the A category) have the highest paid, most skilled jobs and this is just 4% of the general UK population. On the lower end of the scale, people who are on benefits, state pensions and also manual workers all are grouped into this category that represents the most unskilled.

When trying to determine if the area of Brookfield has an abundance of highly skilled workers, the top two categories are grouped together and given a percentage. This percentage is 21%.

Below, you can see how this compares to the National average as the average for the top two categories nationwide is 27% (Adding together the A and B categories)

Social Score Category The proportion of the UK population (%)
A Professional, managerial or administrative 4
B Intermediate managerial or professional jobs 23
C1 Supervisory, junior managerial or professional jobs 29
C2 Skilled manual workers 21
D Semi and unskilled manual workers 15
E State pensioners, casual & lowest grade workers 8

Is the crime rate bad in the city of Brookfield?

In Brookfield, for every 1000 people, there is currently a crime rate of 14100%. This can be compared to the national average of 79.52 for every 1000 people.

Low crime rates are desirable for your safety as a homeowner. Even if you don’t tend to leave the house too often and tend to not mind living in a slightly more dangerous area. Things like burglaries are always a possibility which could harm your ability to pay for home insurance and also may force you to install additional security in your home that can cost you further.

Having said this, you can look at the crime rate on a deeper level to find out what the threats are exactly. It could be the case that a proportion of these crimes (14100% for every 1000 people) come from things like anti-social behaviour rather than more serious crimes like violence and sexual offences.

If this is the case you may be more willing to look over a high crime rate within the areas you’re looking to buy a home.

Are the people in Brookfield earning a lot?

While not always the case, the amount people earn can be associated with better schools in the area and perhaps a nicer environment to live in.

£38,600.00 is the average household income of the area. And the higher this figure is the more likely it is that there is a higher percentage of people with a social grade score in the A or B categories which is 21% for Brookfield.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do properties in Brookfield offer renovation potential?

Amidst the urban landscape of Brookfield, an intriguing figure for determining if a property can be renovated is the success of planning permission. The monthly total of planning applications in the area is no relevant data for this city and on the other hand, there is a planning success rate of nan. It is also useful to take into consideration the population size of the area (100087).

What’s the number of property sales each month in Brookfield?

In the city of Brookfield, there are no relevant data for this city and in the total for the UK, there are around 1.1 million property sales.

In a city like Brookfield, what’s the yearly fluctuation in population?

To assess the shifts in Brookfield’s population over time, analyse how the population has altered. Look at the ten year change of population of 4%, alongside the five-year change of 3%.

prices for houses on sale in the broader vicinity of Brookfield?

The average asking price of a house in Brookfield is currently £1,005 based on the average price per square foot.

Is investing in a house for sale in Brookfield a financially demanding choice?

Ascertain the costliness of a property by examining a listed house for sale in relation to the prevailing average selling prices. In Brookfield, this stands at £144,090, whereas the UK’s mean is £286,500.

Buying a Home? Find Top-Rated Estate Agents in Brookfield

If you’re purchasing property in Brookfield? The right estate agent can make all the difference in guiding you through the home buying process. We understand how stressful and time-consuming finding an agent can be so we’ve compiled a list of the highest-rated real estate agencies in the area below. Our goal is to simplify your search and take you straight to reputable agents equipped to help buy your ideal home.

Estate agent name Phone number Address of agent Email Address
Penny Lane Homes 441505851036 36 High Street, Johnstone, PA5 8AH Phone number only
Highgate Homes 441772937002 349-351 Blackpool Road, Preston, PR2 3AB Phone number only
Lancashire Sales & Lettings 441772913193 459 Blackpool Road, Ashton-on-Ribble, Preston, PR2 2LE nan
Farrell Heyworth 441524845070 201 Station Road, Bamber Bridge, Preston Robert Scarff (robertscarff@farrellheyworth.co.uk);Gemma Bland (gemmabland@farrellheyworth.co.uk);John Littlejohn (johnlittlejohn@farrellheyworth.co.uk);Jeremy Collins (jeremycollins@farrellheyworth.co.uk);Andrew Collins (andrewcollins@farrellheyworth.co.uk);John Shellcross (johnshellcross@farrellheyworth.co.uk);Jessica Williams (jessicawilliams@farrellheyworth.co.uk);Shaun Smith (shaunsmith@farrellheyworth.co.uk);John French (johnfrench@farrellheyworth.co.uk);Matthew Hankinson (matthewhankinson@farrellheyworth.co.uk);Simon Penny (simonpenny@farrellheyworth.co.uk);John Collins (johncollins@farrellheyworth.co.uk);Amanda Willacy (amandawillacy@farrellheyworth.co.uk);Eric Coates (eric.coates@farrellheyworth.co.uk);Hugh Taylor (hughtaylor@farrellheyworth.co.uk);Michael Pettitt (michaelheyworth@farrellheyworth.co.uk);Samantha Riley (samanthariley@farrellheyworth.co.uk);Peter Cotgrave (petercotgrave@farrellheyworth.co.uk);John Johnson (john.johnson@farrellheyworth.co.uk);Neil Rogers (neilrogers@farrellheyworth.co.uk);Chris Plumpton (chrisplumpton@farrellheyworth.co.uk);Suzanne Evans (suzanneevans@farrellheyworth.co.uk);Mandy Pieterse (mandypieterse@farrellheyworth.co.uk);Sarah Days (sarahdays@farrellheyworth.co.uk);Mark Holmes (markholmes@farrellheyworth.co.uk);Lily Anthony (lilyanthony@farrellheyworth.co.uk);Kelly Oulton (kellyoulton@farrellheyworth.co.uk);Mark Evans (markevans@farrellheyworth.co.uk);John Holloway Holloway (johnholloway@farrellheyworth.co.uk);Sarah Mayson (sarahmayson@farrellheyworth.co.uk);Rebecca Fitzmaurice (rebeccafitzmaurice@farrellheyworth.co.uk);Adam Graham (adam@farrellheyworth.co.uk);Stephen Myerscough (stephenmyerscough@farrellheyworth.co.uk);Debbie Miller (debbie@farrellheyworth.co.uk);Dewi Caughter (dewicaughter@farrellheyworth.co.uk);Simon Long (simonlong@farrellheyworth.co.uk);Iain Nicholson (iainnicholson@farrellheyworth.co.uk);James Taylor (jamestaylor@farrellheyworth.co.uk);Leanne McCarrick (leannemccarrick@farrellheyworth.co.uk)
Click Estate Agents 441772937348 76b Black Bull Lane, Fulwood, Preston, PR2 3JY Phone number only

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