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Ideas to maximise your outdoor living space

by | Jan 31, 2023

Home $ A guide on home improvement in the UK $ Ideas to maximise your outdoor living space

The key to understanding how to get the most out of your garden is to find inspiration and execute on it until you have the space of your dreams. Perhaps as you go you can even add value to your home too. 

In this article, we will discuss different outdoor living spaces and provide some inspiration so you can begin experimenting with what is available to you and create the space you’re looking for.

You can perhaps also experiment with some home automation so this process becomes easier.

Inspiration and ideas for your garden

Below are some image ideas, go through them one by one and try to work out which one is the best for you.

A garden deck

The below garden deck talks  are laid out flat before the grass of the garden. This outdoor living space transitions nicely from one area to the next making it a cool way to merge the indoor and outdoor spaces of a garden.

You can also put plants and flowers on top of the deck to make it vibrant, perfect for enhancing the seamless transition from an indoor and outdoor space.

A garden deck as an outdoor living space

Including a patio in your home

Having a patio in your home can create an outdoor space that uses more of an indoor material. The great thing about a patio is you can use the same or very similar tiling to the tiles in the kitchen making the transition seamless.

So, if you want to conduct home improvements on the inside and outside of a property at the same time you are able to.

Patios also provide a great way for you to add outdoor furniture to your space without having to wear shoes and prepare for walking on soil. In addition, patios can be easily cleaned and swept.

A patio in an outdoor living space

Veranda in the garden

Verandas can provide somewhere where the users of the house can look out over at the garden without having to really step officially outside. This is because verandas often have roof coverings.

What’s more is an outdoor space like this allows pets and small children to safely roam around as you can install a railing to create a boundary between your garden and veranda area.

A veranda outdoors

Deck with glass wall

The more glass there is, the more you’re able to bring in natural light to a property or kitchen in most cases. Installing a deck with glass can do just that – provide a well lit space.

On top of this, the use of glass on both the walls and the ceiling of an outdoor space can make the look more similar to a conservatory that is used to extend a building.

Add in a nice wallpaper on one of the walls here and you can still recreate a fancy looking outdoor wall too.

A deck with glass walls

Outdoor conservatory

An outdoor conservatory refers to a space with pergola-style panelling but doesn’t have walls to make the space an official indoor space.

If it were to rain or be particularly old, you couldn’t sit out here as it is an outdoor space but the idea is the sheltered design makes things less exposed and gives a cosy atmosphere close to the house.

An outdoor conservatory as an outdoor living space

Pergola with decking

A pergola with decking is a great idea for those who want to have a sheltered area that can host outdoor furniture and other furniture that requires a bit of shelter from the rain but doesn’t need to be completely inside.

In a space like this, there is the option to keep cushioning for the sofas outside and also host things like barbecues and storage cabinets under the roof to be used when the weather is nice and you want to move outside.

A pergola living space

Outdoor space with tiling

Tiling is good for outdoor space because it means there is not room for there to be any plants that unexpectedly grow through cracks and any water is able to easily run off.

The advantages of tiling like this as opposed to the other forms of outdoor material that create other outdoor spaces like decking is there are no gaps in the floor and water runs off of the tiles quickly making it fast-drying.

An area with tiling as an outdoor space to live

Patio with blinds

Blinds are perfect for those who want a bit of shelter from the sun while they sit outdoors. For an outdoor space like this to be used most effectively, it could be right to find blinds that are able to be adjusted.

This means the users of a space like this can open the blinds when there isn’t as much sun but close the blinds when the glare is too much and you want to be able to regulate the temperature of the space you lounge in.

This is perfect for the summer months where you can enjoy the coolness of the outdoors without having to expose yourself to the sun any further.

Blinds creating a nice outdoor space

A sunroom with brick

A sunroom with brick is more of a unique outdoor space because the space is technically closed off to the outside but appears to be outside because the outdoor facade of the building is still exposed.

To create a space like this, the house could be extended but without any work being done to the outdoor wall, as a result, this wall will become classed as inside as the extension is built.

A sunroom as an outdoor living space

Porcelain paving

Porcelain is a modern and clean way to create flooring in an outdoor space. There are also options to mimic the appearance of other materials like wood seen in this picture and keep a gutter out the way by installing a hinged downspout.

Porcelain tiling with a dog in the outdoor space

Wooden outdoor furniture

A wooden look is sometimes best to create an exotic and cosy feel to an outdoor space. If this is what you’re after then solely going to for wooden chairs, tables and decking would suit your taste.

Wooden furniture outdoors

Outdoor river

Running water is always great for  relaxing outdoor space. The beauty of this feature is the running water can be as small or as big as you want it.

Simply use the runoff from a roof if that’s all you have access to or the entire streams of a river if your property has access to it.

However, adding in an outdoor river like this could be expensive so you may need the help of a home improvement loan in the process.

Artificial river in an outdoor garden space

Stone paving

Stone paving is a great way to represent more of a classic outdoor feel to a garden. Choose from a range of stone colours too to customise your space and suit perhaps the outdoor furniture or features of inside.

Stone paving with an outdoor garden space

Brick garden edging

Garden edging is perfect for keeping things neat and tidy and there is no better way than using bricks that were originally used in construction. 

By doing this, you can give the appearance that the edging flows from other areas of the house that have been built with the same material.

Brick edging used for outdoor garden beds

Wooden flower beds

It is common to use wooden decking for the edging of flower beds but there are multiple ways to get creative with wood to create a wooden bed that looks cool. Check out the one below for inspiration.

Wooden flower beds to create a niec outdoor space

Outdoor Patio Sauna

The perfect addition to your space is to incorporate an outdoor patio sauna. By adding an outdoor patio sauna, you can elevate your wellness routine and create a serene space for relaxation and rejuvenation right in your backyard.

This sauna will provide the perfect retreat for unwinding and experiencing the numerous health benefits associated with sauna therapy.

Whether you prefer a traditional sauna or an infrared sauna, installing one on your outdoor patio will offer you a tranquil oasis to escape the stresses of daily life and promote overall well-being.

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