The electricity is cut off. How can I turn it on?

If a big electric appliance (oven, fridge, washing machine etc) is not working, it may be that its fused spur switch was accidentally turned off. Spur switches are usually found in one of the kitchen cupboards on inside the utility room. The switch will usually be labelled with the name of the appliance it controls, eg. Washing machine. If the switch is off, turn it back on and check whether the appliance now works normally. If not, the fuse may have failed and need replacing. Always use a fuse with the correct amp rating for your appliance.

If there is still no electricity to the appliance, or some or all areas of your home have no power, check your consumer unit. It is a metal box usually located in the utility room. If a switch has tripped, try to turn it back on. If the switch keeps tripping, then there may be a short circuit. Please let us know and we will arrange a visit by a member of our Home Professional Team.

In some instances, there may be a power failure in your building or wider area. Please pay attention for any announcements by your building manager or utility provider.