What is PPM in property management?

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PPM? Planned Preventative Maintenance

Making sure you have maintenance correctly set up for any property is a real quick win that will no doubt save you a fortune in the long run.

Plan Maintenance of your properties in advance

Now imagine you have an entire portfolio or even a complete block that is used by a number of tenants day in and day out. If the asset in question is not carefully maintained and looked after, you will be paying out for it – obvious right? The common approach to maintenance is somewhat reactive but implementing best practices and having a dedicated schedule of planned maintenance will increase lifetime quality of the property and allow for a better overall return on investment.

Planned Preventative Maintenance can also be referred to or classed as scheduled maintenance and takes the approach of being a proactive method of regular, documented and to a degree regulated by standards set by professional bodies, with guidance from the UK GOV.

The ultimate goal of this approach is to enable the preservation of the condition of a building reducing issues that may arise and delivering the best overall experience to tenants who occupy the building. Happy tenants are always more likely to stay longer, pay more in rent and contribute to the upkeep of the area or building they are based in.

With Lofti – you can expect planned preventative maintenance to be a part of your everyday interaction with the platform. As the first fully integrated FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) property management platform you can keep track of any planned or emergency maintenance required all from one fully connected environment. This means tenants can report any issues that may arise outside of the PPM via the dedicated tenant app – bringing to attention issues before they have time to become longer-term problems.  

To complete the full cycle – vetted and regulated contractors are available within the Lofti network to make sure professionals are always on hand to provide the right solutions – cool stuff eh? 😀 which means you can relax from the comfort of your IKEA POINAG – POÄNG Rocking-chair, Storudden white/black – IKEA

Even if you happen to be at the beginning of your property investment journey and have one individual unit you can use the Lofti platform to self-manage and stay on top of everything property related. The features enjoyed by professional facilities managers and agents can also be used by those who are new to the world of management and need an all-in-one platform that can help.

This means, that if you are looking for a helping hand with remembering gas safety certificates, energy performance certificates and boiler service appointments – you can rest assured that Lofti will be on hand to assist.

Making sure you check out the NRLA site for guidance and assistance is a great starting point for all things you need to be aware of in terms of compliance requirements and standards you need to maintain when you begin your landlord journey. 

Hopefully, this has given you a good introduction to the power of keeping a good overall standard of maintenance reporting and how you can get things right from the get-go!


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