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Properly welcome your tenants

Imagine you have just moved into your brand new flat, you are delighted to be in an awesome spot and your landlord has given you a really good tenant welcome pack that shows you where your local services are, bus stops, late-night convenience store and most importantly, go to spots for the best brunch with avocado 😉  

How great does that sound? Now, imagine that is your tenant, enjoying what is on offer in the postcode and when the time comes for them to relocate, they leave with a great experience and a great review – dream come true.  

How to welcome your tenants

Here is how you can welcome tenants in the best possible manner:

Get the Compliant stuff right

tIn Legal terms, you have to provide your tenant with information about the scheme in which their deposit is protected – Tenancy Deposit Scheme – Offering government backed deposit protection services across the UK is a good starting point. On top of this, you will need to provide an up-to-date copy of the Energy Performance Certificate and Gas Safety Certificate which will keep you on top of all things’ compliance. 

Now, to avoid late night panic calls and weekend emergencies, notifying tenants of where they can find the thermostat, fuse box, smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors is a win-win.

Tenants will only panic if they do not know or are unaware, so by making it part of your tenant welcome procedure they will feel much more aware of the importance of knowing where such things are located, and how they work. 

Welcome pack for your tenants

With all the must-haves in order – there are some small things that you can add to your welcome pack that can assist your tenants further… 

Internet providers that have been used previously in the rental property will help reassure tenants who are now more than ever, likely to be using their home as a place of work for remote access either part-time or fully remote – recommendations can help a tenant save time with a provider search.  

Let’s not gloss over the basics like supermarkets and how often any inspections will be done well. These things are really important not just from a service point of view but will put your tenant at ease and allow them to enjoy their new home.  

Documents to welcome your tenants

You might think that all of this will cause you more administration and time spent on dealing with tenant requests, but with the help of Lofti – Property Management Software you can enjoy full compliance management of any and all compliance certificates.

But it gets better, if you have other documents that have expiry dates and you will need relevant reminders, the compliance section can also cater for this. So, if you know you have a mortgage deal that is due to expire in a couple of months why not have a reminder in place to give you plenty of time ahead to review this? 

And the cherry on top? Well with Lofti you can enjoy expert advice and guidance for all things mortgage and insurance related as part of your Lofti benefits! 

Lofti, more than just property management.


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