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The Ultimate Guide to Crawlspace Waterproofing

by | Sep 6, 2023 | Blog

Home $ Blog $ The Ultimate Guide to Crawlspace Waterproofing
Many house-related issues exist when you own a house or live in a rented apartment or building. One of the most common issues is in your home’s crawl space. It’s because the basement and crawl space are usually dark and wet. As a result, it’s a natural breeding ground for contaminants like molds and rodents. Such situations bring difficulties to your living space, like lousy air and cracked floors. When unsolved, these crawl space repairs can turn into dangerous hazards.

A wet crawl space compromises your house’s water heater and other mechanical components. 

Not to mention the bad air quality. So, we suggest waterproofing your crawl space and protecting it from various problems, as mentioned above. 

How Much Does Crawlspace Waterproofing Cost? 

While there’s no estimated cost of waterproofing the basement, the repair in the minimum costs about $1000 and extends up to $15000 depending upon the damage, but various factors contribute to these factors. Before determining the price, the contractor checks out what needs to be done at your crawl space and determines the amount for you. Waterproofing is a way to enhance the strong foundation of your house and ensure that you live in a safe and healthy place. 

However, factors affecting the waterproofing of your carnal space are your home’s location, the contractors’ services, and how much they charge for their services. Usually, a minor foundation repair costs $ 2,000 but can also cost $ 10,000 or more. There are additional expenses if your house still needs a sump pump basin. The whole job of crawlspace waterproofing requires the installation of drain tile, which costs between $ 8,000 and $15000. 

The other process that contractors perform is encapsulation, i.e., installing a vapour barrier over the exterior of the basement. This process also costs between $2000 and $15000. Homeowners have said to pay around $400 and $8000 to have their basement encapsulated, and the crawl space costs $2000 and $ 10,000. 

Here, we discussed the average estimation based on the information provided by homeowners who had previously waterproofed their crawl space. You’ll have additional costs if it requires extra service or maintenance. But, in this case, it’s just simple waterproof; $ 5,000 should be more than enough. 

Crawlspace Waterproofing in Your Home

It wouldn’t be necessary to perform crawl space waterproofing if your home is safe and you’re not facing any issues. However, if you want to waterproof the crawl space, you must be able to address the issues you’re facing. 

You can begin with mitigating combustion, drainage, or mould problems to ensure you face crawl space issues. The reason behind wet crawl space is improper drainage around your foundation. This indicates unsatisfactory grading and unmaintained drainage, allowing water into your basement and crawl space. If you see standing pulls, you should hire a structural engineer to investigate the issue. 

Further, it would help if you watched out for mould growing on the floor. This requires encapsulating your crawl space so that there is no more mould growth. Before deciding on anything, you should hire a professional contractor to check everything. They have experience, expertise, and knowledge to check for all the issues and suggest the best option. 

For example, suppose you’re facing back-drifting from a combustion appliance in your house. In that case, the contractors will check the gas furnace and water heater issues to prevent the overspread of carbon monoxide. An experienced contractor will inspect your basement for mould beforehand, check for any additional drainage issues, and determine what type of waterproofing is required. 

Preventative Maintenance for Crawlspace Waterproofing

Encapsulation is a way to take care of your crawl space. You must seal the floor, walls, and vents to prevent water from collecting in the drainage and water leaking on your walls and floors. The goal is to create an envelope that protects your home from the outdoors and indoors. 

In the process, the plastic vapour is attached to your home’s foundation, walls, pers, and many other mechanical equipment to do the job. This ensures that the crawl space is out of moisture. In addition, the contractors also attach a barrier to the walls and piers.

Handling it to experienced professionals ensures they protect the air handler and water heater while waterproofing the crawl space. The next step is the contractor sealing the crawl space with foam boards and attaching insulation to all walls. 

Crawlspace Waterproofing Companies

Because waterproofing your crawl space takes safety into account, you would want to hire professionals who are excellent at their job. Waterproofing your crawl space might take more than a few days for you to do it yourself. 

Depending upon the complexity that is usually hidden behind it, hiring a contractor who can do the job for you is a good idea. While deciding upon a contractor, you need to find the right person! You would want to avoid handling the security and prosperity of your home to anyone! 

A few ways to find the best professional for crawlspace waterproofing are: 

  • Finding someone who has previously worked on your neighborhood’s home
  • Pay attention to a local advertisement
  • Make sure to check out their services online
  • View what their previous clients are saying about their services

To find the best deal, it is suggested to reach out to at least three waterproofing companies to find the best pricing estimation. You can quickly narrow the list to a few specific ones based on these filters. A guarantee is also an essential factor when assigning work like this. Look out for a contractor who offers a warranty on their services. 


This sums up our article on crawlspace waterproofing. Here, we discussed crawlspace waterproofing, its cost estimation, performing the services on your home, and selecting the best company for the mentioned service. 

You wouldn’t want to neglect the issue in your home because it’s a place for your loved ones. 

Looking out for the issue earlier might not cost you a whole fortune. Crawl is usually moist and waterproof and later breaks into the visible areas of your house, giving you trouble to deal with. Getting the waterproofing done is best to protect it from further issues.

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