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Staying compliant in an ever-changing and evolving world of property can be challenging at the best of times. The more properties you add to your portfolio, the more likely you are to miss the important deadlines and renewals that crop up. As you get busier and more tasks are added to the ever-growing to-do list you keep promising yourself will get done, realistically only gets added to.  

Diary systems, ledgers and even wall charts can be a good starting point for managing your properties and tasks, but thankfully in the 21st century, there are solutions available like Lofti where you can take your property portfolio anywhere you go in your pocket and come home to find it on your desktop with any and all updates and alerts waiting for you to action. 

Still not enough? With Lofti you can set custom notifications and never miss a deadline anymore! Miracles, they really do happen!

Automating your life back

Most of the time you will be going back to the same things, the common compliance check that comes up time again is the gas safety check. As you can imagine, when your property portfolio grows, you will have more and more of these compliance tasks to deal with. Having reminders that are custom and built with reminders in place to give you helpful nudges is exactly why so many landlords are exploring property management platforms like Lofti to take the stress and brain power away from remembering to deal with such checks.

EPC – Energy Performance Certificates are right up there too and with the recent changes in place it is well worth keeping these up to date and to the appropriate standards and ratings to avoid expensive fines.

Whether you are an agent or a self-managing landlord, Lofti has the capability to manage these and a number of other compliance certificates, giving you the time back to remember the things that really matter, like your in-laws’ birthdays and enough milk for the morning brew.

Reporting it back

Managing any property without reports is like trying to lose weight without tracking your calorie intake, not impossible but a shed load more difficult to track your progress and what is really going on.  

The same applies to rents from tenants and all the expenses that go out. Tracking and storing such statistics will make a real difference in the long run. Custom reports will help you keep on top of how each property is performing, what rents have come in and more importantly what is overdue.

Having the capability to create reports with this data will only improve your overall compliance levels and keep you in everyone’s good books. 

Checks and Referencing

Lofti knows the value of being able to have everything in one place, connected with the right integrations for all things property. That’s why things like referencing potential tenants is a feature which comes embedded on the platform, no more copying across data and vital information from other services and providers, but live status updates from a fully compliant reference check service in-house. Awesome right?  

So, if compliance is always a chore and your to-do list is always growing, hit the button below and let us show you how Lofti can get you on top of all those things you wish would look after themselves.


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