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by | Jul 17, 2022 | Blog

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Landlording like a Pro!

Doing it properly, putting in the extra bit of effort and giving things a real good go has never done anyone any harm. But as humans we always want what is easiest, requires the least amount of effort and is quick.

With property management, tenants and most other things (if not all) will require that little extra to get the outcome that is desired. We cannot be surprised by a lack of success when there has been a limited effort when it comes to input.  

So here are a few pointers on how you get landlording like a real pro!

Property Welcome Pack

Imagine, you have just spent a sizeable figure on renovating your property, found some fantastic tenants and agreed on a brilliant return when it comes to the actual monthly rent.

Unfortunately, tenants are always contacting you asking the basics: when is bin day? Where is the mains? And the list goes on…

By having your own property welcome pack in order, you can reduce the questions and allow for self-diagnosis. Fewer questions, less time wasted, and everyone is happier doing things independently instead of waiting for a response unless it’s a biggie like a boiler needing some TLC or a leaking pipe all over your new laminate flooring. 

Repairs and Maintenance Management

Having the right team on hand is key. Lofti users benefit from having their own contractors ready on the system to attend to any job that requires a professional. Fear not, if your team cannot get to the emergency, Lofti has its own trusted and vetted network of professionals available to help any property manager should they need a last-minute call!

Property Inspections & inventories

In a world rich with technology you can rest at ease knowing that digital evidence is your best friend when it comes to making sure the property was presented in the best possible shape and was looked after by the tenants in an equally loveable fashion. We all have wear and tear but keeping an eye on any things that need replacing will only attract the very best tenants.

Accounts & compliance management

It’s great to have a fantastic return on your investment but even better when you do not get a letter from HMRC about a tax bill you might be liable for now that you are in receipt of rental income. Having the right professionals around to assist with accounting and other such enquires means fewer potential headaches that might land on your doorstep while managing your properties.

Social Media & Property advertising

Before you post any videos, pictures or any time of media online, ask yourself this question – would I want to rent this property?

You can’t imagine the lack of interest you would receive if you did not have professional photos in place with good lighting showing off your hard work on the design and all your investments in the best furniture and white goods.

Get this right and you can enjoy the hard work the content will do for you as it will stand out from the rest and get you many more enquiries. Rightmove and Zoopla listed properties that have good quality images and information will always drive more interest and traffic than low-quality rushed images. 

Like the sound of everything so far? If you can commit to the above you will be well on your path to earning your badge as a pro property landlord, loved by tenants and your team of contractors!