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How landlords can quiz their tenants to improve their business

by | May 21, 2022 | Blog

Home $ Blog $ How landlords can quiz their tenants to improve their business

Do you need help with understanding your tenants better as a landlord? Do you want to utilise quizzes to boost tenant satisfaction but are still determining the best quiz kinds to use?

online quiz website education

Quizzes are entertaining and interesting to gauge people’s knowledge, pique their curiosity around their tenancy, and maintain their attention on your information without asking them to think creatively about what they are writing. 

Quizzes may completely transform the way you ask for feedback from your tenants because they only allow the user to answer using a scale or selection of tick boxes so it is easy to make your tenant experience numerical and be able to improve on it.

Why should you have your tenants participate in online quizzes?

Having tenants take quizzes to improve their tenant satisfaction can yield several benefits. Quizzes serve as a valuable feedback mechanism, allowing landlords to assess satisfaction levels and identify areas for improvement. 

By understanding tenants’ preferences and needs through quizzes, landlords can offer tailored services and amenities, enhancing the overall experience. Quizzes also act proactively, addressing emerging issues promptly and ensuring a positive living environment. 

They enable landlords to track satisfaction trends over time, facilitating continuous improvement and long-term enhancements. Moreover, quizzes foster two-way communication, encouraging tenants to voice their opinions and actively engage in shaping their living space. 

By implementing tenant quizzes, landlords can create a positive feedback loop, refining their offerings based on feedback and ultimately leading to higher tenant satisfaction and retention.

The advantages of using interactive quizzes when collecting tenant feedback

Quizzes that are interactive are a great way to keep your audience interested in your material so they are more likely to be completed by tenants. Quizzes also have many significant advantages, such as;

  • Quizzes are a fun and engaging approach to engage tenants if you want to do a presentation on how to use the property for instance. This results in more engagement and involvement and the more of this you have the better you are able to come up with ideas to change. Your audience will be more likely to pay attention and remember what you’re saying if they answer the questions and take the quiz.

  • Quizzes assist in reinforcing the information you’re presenting by testing your audience’s understanding, which improves retention and memory. Since people are more likely to remember information they actively engage with, this may result in improved retention and recall. 

quiz taking online education learning website
  • Improved rapport between you and tenants: Quizzes give your audience lots of chances to talk to you and each other and makes them more likely to begin getting to know you as a landlord. Also, even if a quiz doesn’t actually improve the tenant experience, the fact that you asked and cared can go a long way.
  • You can improve on the feedback: You may utilise quizzes to gauge how well your tenants are getting on in a property and after be sure that any improvements you do will actually bring benefit. This can be helpful when trying to allocate some budget to making home improvements.


  • Overall, there are many advantages to employing interactive quizzes. They may be a valuable tool for engaging your audience, strengthening their involvement with your information, and improving their retention and memory.

How to make a quiz that engages tenants and improves a property

When creating your quiz, consider a few important factors and use the below steps to guide you through the process.

Determine the Objective

Define the purpose of the quiz. Is it to gather feedback on specific property features, gauge tenant satisfaction, or identify areas for improvement? Clarifying the objective will guide the quiz creation process.

Consider if you want to get feedback from only certain tenants who live in certain properties and what kind of questions are unique to them.

Choose Relevant Topics

Select quiz topics that directly relate to the property and tenant experience. This could include questions about amenities, maintenance responsiveness, community events, or suggestions for enhancements.

Keep it Concise

Ensure the quiz is not too lengthy or time-consuming. Keep the number of questions manageable, ideally between 5 to 10, to maintain tenant engagement and increase completion rates.

This can also be done by keeping the most detailed questions towards the end. For instance, the first question of the quiz should just be a simple yes or no and then if you want to collect text information from the tenant, put this as the last or one of the last questions in the quiz.

Make it User-Friendly

Create a user-friendly quiz format that is easy to understand and navigate. Use clear and concise language, avoid jargon, and provide straightforward instructions for tenants to follow.

Offer Multiple Choice Options

Present multiple-choice questions to make it easier for tenants to respond. This format allows for quicker completion and simplifies data analysis. Include an option for open-ended responses to capture specific feedback or suggestions.

Focus on Tenant Experience

Craft questions that directly relate to the tenant experience and satisfaction. Inquire about specific aspects of the property that matter most to tenants, such as cleanliness, safety, noise levels, or community engagement.

Encourage Honesty and Anonymity

Assure tenants that their responses will remain anonymous and emphasise the importance of honest feedback. This helps create a safe space for tenants to express their opinions and concerns.

Provide Incentives 

Consider offering small incentives or rewards for completing the quiz. This can range from a discount on rent, entry into a prize draw, or a gift card. Incentives can motivate tenants to participate and provide valuable feedback.

Analyse and Act on Feedback

Once the quiz responses are collected, thoroughly analyse the feedback and identify areas for improvement. Take the necessary steps to address concerns, make enhancements, and communicate any changes to the tenants.

Communicate Results

Share a summary of the quiz results with the tenants to demonstrate that their feedback is valued and that actions are being taken based on their input. This promotes transparency and helps build trust with the tenants.

Use Plugins 

online quiz maker plugin logo website education

Plugins are an important part of websites that have quizzes and it is really simple to create a website to send out to tenants in the hope that they fill out the quiz. The Quiz Builder plugin makes creating exciting and useful quizzes, tests, and examinations simple and quick. 

You may modify the test to your criteria and make it challenging with the aid of our WordPress plugin. You may build an infinite number of tests and questions. There is no cap on how many individuals can take the test simultaneously.  Your website’s user-friendly UI and responsive design will make tenants like taking your quizzes.

Given that it is trusted and used by thousands of WordPress users, this plugin is unquestionably the best WordPress quiz plugin. Make your judgement by giving it a try!

The following sorts of questions can formulate:

  • A multiple-choice question (MCQ) with only one right response
  • A multiple-choice question (MCQ) with a checkbox which has numerous possible responses.
  • Dropdown: A multiple-choice (MCQ) question with a single correct response that appears as a horizontal list. 
  • Text – a query that must be addressed in written form. (perfect for more detailed questions you ask a tenant)
  • A question that must be answered with a brief text is known as a short text question.
  • Number: A inquiry that has to be answered with a numerical response.
  • Date: A query that requires a date entry as a response.

You may presently build tests of the following types with the plugin. You can ask from your tenants using a range of quiz types or you can solely use one type of quiz. The choice is up to you.

This is one of many plugins, and if you are interested, there are many other alternative quiz-making plugins you can use if you run a WordPress website.

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