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How to choose a green electricity offer for your home: advice for owners

by | May 13, 2022 | Blog

Home $ Blog $ How to choose a green electricity offer for your home: advice for owners

Choosing a green electricity offer can sometimes seem complex for homeowners as there are a multitude of offers on the market, each with their own characteristics. It is therefore important to know some tips in order to choose the supplier that meets your expectations the best based on your home’s requirements like if you have a studio or a home office!

comparing energy providers

Choose from the Engie subscription or other suppliers

Different green electricity offers are available for owners. For instance, the historic gas supplier Engie now offers a 100% green electricity offer.

This Engie subscription of the “1 year offer” is at a fixed price: the cost of the subscription and the price of the kWh do not change during the year. One weekend option is available at 4 euros including tax/month. It makes it possible to have a price per kWh 30% cheaper at the end of the week and during public holidays.

According to the website www.agence-france-electricite.fr, other suppliers offer green offers, such as Mint Energie and its “Classic & Green” and “Smart & Green” offers. These two subscriptions guarantee 100% green and French electricity.

Octopus Energy France (formerly Plüm Énergie) also offers Thermostatic Radiator Valve (TRV) subscriptions. Octopus aims to reimburse the difference between the actual consumption of its customers and their monthly payments.

Ekwateur, for its part, has a fixed price offer, and a peak/off-peak hours option. This option allows you to save on your energy bill, provided that at least 30% of consumption is made during off-peak hours (between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m. and between 12 p.m. and 5 p.m.).

Many other suppliers offer green electricity. To differentiate the subscriptions that best suit their needs, owners can refer to several criteria.

How to compare green electricity providers

According to the specialists from www.agence-france-electricite.fr, to simply compare the different suppliers of green electricity, it is necessary to adopt different reflexes:

⦁ Evaluate your annual electricity consumption to determine the amount of green electricity needed. You can find this information on your electricity bill. Based on this information, the owner will have an interest in taking an offer with a higher price per kWh, but a more accessible subscription cost if he consumes little. Conversely, if its consumption is high, it will be more advantageous for it to take out a slightly more expensive subscription, but with a lower price per kWh.

⦁ Search green electricity suppliers online. There are many websites that allow you to compare offers from different providers. Contacting suppliers directly for information on their green electricity offers is also a good idea.

⦁ Check that suppliers’ green electricity offers are certified by Guarantees of Origin (GO) attesting to the renewable origin of the energy.

According to experts from agence-france-electricite.fr, abuse of GOs is present on the energy market. Suppliers obtain guarantees of origin during auctions at the EEX (European Energy Exchange) without necessarily obtaining supplies from green energy producers. To fight against these practices, the Environment and Energy Management Agency (Ademe) has created an ecological label, the “VertVolt”. This label, as explained here, allows individuals to actively contribute to the energy transition by distinguishing genuine renewable energy offers from others.

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Donnell Bailey

Property expert

Donnell is a property expert focusing on the property market, he looks at a combination of legislation, information from property managers, letting agents and market trends to produce information to help landlords.