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by | Jul 11, 2022 | Blog

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We have all seen the adverts, articles and documentaries… you name it, environmental factors and a net-carbon approach is right up there in terms of key priorities.  

With the government setting carbon emissions targets in order to fight the effects of global warming and the impacts of climate, the property industry is already making moves to do its bit in contributing to a better more sustainable future.  

There is a belief that reducing the emissions from small-medium-sized businesses will contribute greatly to a change in trends across the UK with lettings agencies playing a pivotal role.  

To help you get started we have prepared some top tips below on how you can help make a difference:  

Let PropTech do the work

With the growing number of electrical vehicles on the market, there are now more options than ever before to make the switch to electric. Typically, this is not the cheapest option available on the market but one that does carry many discounts and lower running costs.  

Hybrid / Remote

With the world returning to normal after Covid, many working patterns have completely changed and now many agencies are incorporating rotating shift patterns which in turn reduce emissions that would have been spent on emissions and have given cycle-to-work initiatives a new lease of life. 

Watch your waste

Paper recycling, plastic and all the other things you throw in the bin are worth keeping an eye on. If you can, look to alternatives such as digital contracts and e-signatures which will inadvertently reduce the total waste amount you accumulate and improve overall efficiency. 

Lights out Policy

Simple things like shutting down computer stations, and lights are painfully obvious but sometimes missed out as key contributors to conserving and reducing carbon impact. 

By incorporating the above, you can expect to experience the following:  

  • Tenant focus – A carbon-conscious landlord/ agent is more likely to attract a tenant that will want to pay more for a property that is sustainable as it means lower bills and a better standard of living. 
  • Awareness – Marketing campaigns can focus on the importance of reducing emissions and help you stand out from competitors who may not have any environmental awareness or presence.  
  • Revenue Rebalance – Fewer outgoings mean more money is left in your pocket even if business activity stays at a similar level. 

One thing that has not yet been discussed in Education.

Being able to share informative content and initiatives with all partners will allow for the multiplier effect to kick in. Let’s say when new tenants move in you provide a digital pack on how to keep bills low and improve your emissions awareness and even expand the offering to contractors to make them aware of how they can do their bit to acknowledge and improve their carbon emissions output. 

Lofti is already doing its part when it comes to helping transform working practices and reducing the reliance on paper and plastic by having enabled digital contracts and e-signatures available so you will be well on your way with environmental initiatives.