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by | Jul 12, 2022 | Blog

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Build-to-rent Properties

Renting is now seen as the most popular and common way for most to occupy properties around the country with cities all over the nation, especially London, the capital, being filled with rental properties, no more than ever before.

But in the last few years, this mindset alongside the coronavirus pandemic has become even more the norm with tenants now looking to move around and test areas out before thinking to settle in an area for good and eventually join other homeowners on the property ladder.

Build to Rent is the new buzzword in the property industry with many BTR developers looking to provide a solution where private property is built for the main purpose of being rented as the growth of house prices in the last decade has meant there is a much greater focus to rent.

The focus for many that work and live in cities like London is having access to a place they can call home and that offers the convenience of being close to all the services and communication links you would expect in a city. Add on top of that the change in working patterns, you can expect more dedicated working areas for hybrid and fully remote workers to enjoy.

This is a completely different model from what was expected 20 years ago, but thanks to the continued advances in technology more now can be achieved remotely than ever before.

With that in mind, Lofti is fully aware of how its presence on the market will benefit the many property managers and agencies who will ultimately be in charge of and manage the rising number of build to rents in areas around the country.

With the continued growth of and awareness of hybrid models, you can enjoy built-in features than include digital contracts and e-signature meaning you can provide a seamless service.

If that wasn’t enough the availability of having a fully professional reference service by Lofti built into the management system means no more replication of data, but one simple platform to work from.

With Lofti you can ensure all of the BTR across multiple portfolios stay connected with their relevant tenants and contractors with the fully connected app – dedicated to both tenants and contractors who are most of the time on the go and have access to their mobiles more so than a desktop or a mobile device.

This means all users can enjoy a connected interface that works for them and most importantly property managers within BTR properties offer a high-level view of what requires attention. So, imagine boiler issues in one property and a sink that needs looking at in another property, having one platform where you can manage sending updates to both the tenant and contractor in one go via a chat means less time spent chasing updates and getting hold of the best times to book appointments.

Having a swift interconnected software platform in place before the BTR development is complete will allow you to get best practice methods in place to allow for the best BTR experience for all involved.