5 signs your boiler is on its last legs

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5 signs your boiler is on its last legs

All property owners are legally obligated to maintain and service their properties’ gas and heating appliances. It is time to schedule an appointment with a Gas Safe registered engineer to address any issues that might need to be addressed before winter sets in. It is helpful to be aware of any issues prior to the appointment. Listed below are a few signs your boiler may need more than a routine service, although they are by no means exhaustive.

Boiler system

There isn’t any heat in the boiler?

There is one tell-tale sign that serves more as a red flag than a clue. Tenants should inform landlords as soon as possible if a boiler is not heating water. No heat could indicate a serious pressure problem, even though it is serviceable by a registered engineer.

At Lofti we allow tenants to download an app and report any issues to do with the boiler directly through the app, allowing easy communication between the tenant and the landlord/ agent as well as with the contractor. Tenants can simply go on to the app and click report a maintenance issue, they’re then able to add any pictures or videos and a brief description. Once that is added the agent will receive a notification straight away and the contractor can also be nominated. There is a chat function which allows a seamless chat between everyone involved in the ecosystem with custom notifications for every stage of the journey.

Your boiler’s light!

It can be a sign that there isn’t enough oxygen in the system if the pilot light isn’t clear or flickers. Pilot lights can go out completely when the thermocouple breaks or when a deposit builds up behind them. Occasionally, a thorough clean can resolve this issue, but a professional should still perform this task.

Is your boiler doing any unusual noise?

Occasionally, things go bump in the night because of excess air in the system, but it could also be something more serious. Limescale build-up in the heat exchange often leads to strange noises coming from the boiler. This is called kettling. An engineer should be able to diagnose the problem, but if you’re unsure, you can try bleeding the boiler.

Are the radiators of your boiler are cold?

Boiler problems are often detected elsewhere in the house. You may have a problem with your boiler if the bottom of your radiators is hot but the top isn’t. Radiators are usually bled

to resolve the issue, but if they remain cold at the top after being bled, you should consult a Gas Safe registered engineer.

Condensate pipes

A boiler can malfunction when its condensate pipes freeze during extremely cold weather. If the boiler switches off itself this could be a sign. If either of these happens and the pipe is frozen, the quickest solution is to thaw the pipe by dousing it in hot water or using a hot water bottle. If these actions fail to resolve the issue, consult your engineer.

If you find out that your boiler is ultimately broken you can check here to know what to do!


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